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What do lips reveal about your health?

Red lips should be kissed! But what if the kissing mouth suddenly turns a different color? Tikbow reveals what color and texture of the lips say about the state of health and how you should react to the signals.

Chapped lips: Lack of water

Chapped lips? Dry lip skin is not (only) caused by wind and weather. Often, chapped lips are also a sign of general dehydration, i.e. dehydration. Therefore, make sure to drink enough water during the day.

In addition, chapped lips can indicate inflammatory skin diseases such as neurodermatitis. If symptoms such as burning or a feeling of tightness are added, an appointment should be made with a dermatologist.

Cracked corners of the mouth: Nutrient deficiency.

Anyone who suffers from cracked corners of the mouth should pay attention to their diet. Because often cracked corners of the mouth are an expression of a nutrient deficiency. A balanced diet based on plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables supplies the body with vitamins and trace elements and counteracts the nutrient deficiency. If the problem persists, however, a visit to the dermatologist is advisable: There is possibly a yeast infection.

Pale lips: lack of oxygen

If it is cold outside or you have sucked a brightly colored lollipop, blue lips are naturally harmless. However, your family doctor should be consulted if the discoloration occurs more frequently. The most common cause is a lack of oxygen (at worst caused by lung or heart problems), but a circulatory disorder or poisoning is also possible.

Swollen lips: Signs of allergy

If you suddenly have puffy lips, you may be fighting an allergic reaction. In this case, an allergy test should be performed, especially if the swollen lips are accompanied by burning and itching inside the mouth. In case of accompanying complaints such as shortness of breath, a doctor should be called.

Pale lips: Iron deficiency

Pale lips are often a sign of iron deficiency. A blood test provides clarity – you may need to take dietary supplements. As a preventive measure, include iron sources such as lean meat, whole grains and legumes in your diet.

Blisters: Herpes infection

In rare cases they are caused by an incompatibility with medication, but as a rule lip blisters mean one thing: herpes! Whether this has really come from eating or the infection has been present for weeks or even years is irrelevant.

Herpes symptoms can occur again and again if the virus is dormant in them – mostly in stressful situations or during a cold. What helps now: concealing healing plasters and ointments with the active ingredient aciclovir from the pharmacy.