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What are the best masks against corona and what are the advantages of FFP2 mouth masks?


In the last two years our daily life has changed a lot due to the Corona pandemic and face coverings have become an integral part of our lives. With fall and winter just around the corner, a new wave of flu is announcing itself and according to experts, the COVID-19 prognosis unfortunately doesn’t look so good either. In order to get us through the colder season in good health and to prevent the spread of the virus, masks will remain mandatory in public transport as well as in hospitals and doctors’ offices until April 2023. With the now huge selection of masks against Corona on the market, we often feel lost. So which are the best masks? What are the benefits of FFP2 masks and can we reuse them? You will find the answers in a moment in our article.


Why is it worth wearing a mouthguard?

FFP2 masks against Corona advantages types of face masks

Many people wonder whether wearing a mouthguard makes sense at all and whether it keeps them protected. When sneezing, talking, breathing and coughing, droplets of breath are always emitted and the smaller they are, the longer they stay in the air. If these droplets are exhaled by someone who is already infected with the virus, there is also the possibility of transmitting the virus. Especially when combined with other measures, the proper wearing of a face mask is probably the most effective way to reduce the spread of COVID-19 .

What are FFP2 masks against Corona?

Types of face masks comparison FFP2 masks against corona advantages

From medical surgical face masks to self-sewn mouth-nose coverings as fashion accessories, there are now many different masks against corona, which differ significantly not only in design but also in their protective effect. Unlike the rest of the types, FFP respirators have a much better effect and they protect the wearer very effectively, especially from aerosols, droplets and particles. FFP is the English abbreviation for “Filtering Face Piece” and the masks are originally known from the trade as professional dust masks. The masks are often dome-shaped and foldable, and come either with or without an exhalation valve. As for the colors, you can choose between white or black. While face masks without an exhalation valve filter the inhaled and exhaled air, the extraneous protection is not as pronounced in masks with a valve.

how to reuse FFP2 masks against corona Types of mouth masks comparison

Like surgical face masks, FFP masks must also comply with certain technical standards and requirements of laws. The quality of FFP masks against corona can be identified by the CE mark and the four-digit test number below. These give us information about the body where the masks were tested and subsequently classified. On the market there are FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 masks, where the number stands for the filtering performance. FFP1 masks filter about 80% of pollutants in the breathing air, and FFP2 masks – 94%. For example, the 5-layer FFP2 mask black from Firio provides maximum protection and ensures the highest comfort. Due to the soft loops, the masks are absolutely suitable for everyday use and can be worn for several hours without any problems.

Colored FFP2 masks as fashionable accessories

Types of mouth masks which are the best masks against corona

Mouthguards have become an integral part of our everyday life and have now turned into a pretty fashion accessory. An ornate mouthguard is a great eye-catcher that immediately catches the eye and amazes everyone. Colored FFP2 masks make a cool change from the classic black and white variants and make our look much more interesting. FFP masks against Corona are usually disposable products that are not intended for reuse. And the best part? If you follow a few rules, you can easily reuse FFP2 masks. For this, after wearing them, you can either let them dry at room temperature or even at 80 degrees in the oven.