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What are the best home remedies and methods to get the circulation going?

Circulatory problems have been experienced by almost everyone at least once. Whether it’s after getting up quickly, a change in the weather or extreme heat in the summer, the symptoms are almost always the same – suddenly low blood pressure, which often leads to dizziness, impaired vision and sweating. In this case, we talk about acute circulatory problems. However, if it is permanent circulatory problems, then other symptoms such as fatigue, nausea and headaches are added. In addition to various medicines, there are also some home remedies and tricks that can get the circulation going again. Read more about them in the article.

Why do many people have circulation problems in summer?

Tips against circulation problems in summer what helps

When it gets hot outside, the body reacts as well. Normally, the heat causes blood vessels to dilate, which increases the likelihood that blood will pool in the lower legs instead of continuing to flow. The result is often low blood pressure, which prevents the brain from getting enough oxygen. Hot weather also contributes to dehydration because you sweat a lot and your body tends to lock up fluid (i.e., swell) when you lose too much water. As the body’s cooling system fails, one experiences dizziness, fainting and sunstroke as a result.

These symptoms characterize poor circulation.

What to do if you have poor circulation Tips

Many people don’t even know that the circulatory system is responsible for their discomfort. Therefore, it is worth taking a look at the most common symptoms first to find out if you are experiencing circulatory problems right now.

The most common symptoms of acute circulatory problems are:

  • Dizziness
  • Balance problems
  • Sweating
  • trembling and palpitations
  • Flickering in front of the eye
  • Fainting spell

Symptoms and causes of poor circulation

In case of permanent cardiovascular problems, these are added to it:

  • Floppiness
  • Headache
  • tiredness
  • Nausea
  • ringing in the ears

Permanently low blood pressure must be treated by a doctor. For acute symptoms, you can also stimulate the circulation with home remedies.

The best home remedies to get the circulation going

Circulatory problems in summer what to do

With acute circulatory problems, there is a risk of falling. Therefore, it is worth knowing some home remedies and tricks and applying them right at the first symptoms. If secondary hypotension (i.e. low blood pressure as a cause of other disease) is ruled out by the doctor and especially in case of sudden circulatory weakness, the following home remedies can provide quick help.

Hydration: Drinking water is so important

Drinking plenty of water can get circulation going

When you have low blood pressure, and especially in the summer, taking fluids is key. Water is a real miracle cure that provides immediate help for many ailments such as headaches, high blood sugar and also low blood pressure. We all already know that our bodies require sufficient fluid intake on a daily basis. In summer, regular drinking is even more important, because in hot weather we sweat more and therefore lose more water. Two liters per day is considered the absolute minimum in summer.

Besides how much you drink, what you drink also plays an important role. Water (preferably mineral water because of its high mineral content) and unsweetened tea are recommended. The tea should also not be drunk too hot. However, the drinks should not be ice cold either. Due to the large temperature differences, the body has to expend a lot of energy, which can trigger other problems. You should avoid drinks containing caffeine, such as coffee and black tea, as well as alcohol, because they cause dehydration of the body.

Eating for circulatory problems

Stimulate circulation home remedies healthy light food salad

Eating a balanced diet is also crucial when you have circulatory problems. Basically, light food such as salads, fruits and vegetables is recommended, as well as several small meals instead of 2-3 large meals a day. Thus, the organism is not so heavily loaded and the blood pressure is regulated, instead of dropping too much during the breaks and rising quickly after the meal.

Do not miss breakfast

Breakfast makes you lively and can stimulate the circulation

A full breakfast perks you up and can quickly boost circulation in the morning. Caffeinated drinks cannot replace breakfast and are not recommended on an empty stomach. Even a quick breakfast like a warm oatmeal , fresh fruit or a few nuts is perfectly sufficient to prevent dizziness.

Nuts get the circulation going

Walnuts boost circulation

Nuts can give energy in a flash and eliminate the feeling of tiredness. That’s why it’s always worth having a bowl or bag of raw nuts with you when you have circulation problems. Walnuts are an excellent choice against high cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.

These home remedies boost circulation

Get circulation going with home remedy rosemary

Want to try home remedies to boost circulation? Here is a list of the best remedies that naturally raise or regulate blood pressure.

Licorice root

Licorice root has been shown to be effective against circulatory problems such as dizziness. It contains an agent called glycyrrhizin, which is very effective for increasing blood pressure. Licorice root is best taken as a tea.


One of the best home remedies for circulatory problems is rosemary. The herb boosts the circulation and has an invigorating effect. To use it, you can either drink tea made from dried rosemary or drink rosemary oil mixed with water.


Besides rosemary, lemon balm can also work well against dizziness and have an invigorating effect. Prepare lemon balm as a tea or put the dried leaves and flowers in smelling bags along with sage, hawthorn and thyme and carry them with you at all times.


There is a lot to talk about the healing properties of peppermint. The medicinal herb works well even against circulatory problems. Use the dried leaves to prepare a tea or rub a few drops of peppermint oil on your wrists.

Quick help for circulatory problems: Salty food

Home remedies for circulation problems salty food salt pretzels

For acute circulatory problems, salty food can provide quick relief. Since ingesting salt increases blood pressure, it is one of the best home remedies to get your circulation going quickly. The salt binds fluid and increases blood volume. Immediate help can be a handful of salty pretzels or a cup of salty broth, for example.

What is good for the circulation?

Circulatory problems what helps hand massage

If the circulatory problems become permanent, then a few tricks in everyday life can bring relief. They also work well for circulatory problems due to the heat and can get the circulation going in the summer. Try these simple methods yourself and see for yourself how effective they are!

Legs up for circulation problems

Circulation problems legs up when does it help

Perhaps you have heard or read this measure several times. In the heat, blood pools, especially in the lower legs, which usually leads to swelling. To help with circulation, you can simply elevate your legs. This will cause the blood to return to the head and the brain will immediately get more oxygen. However, this trick is only recommended for young people, as it can cause shortness of breath in the elderly or those with heart disease.

Exercise and sports stimulate the circulation

What is good for the circulation Exercise Sport

If you suffer from permanent circulatory problems, you may be able to benefit your circulation yourself by staying active, in addition to the medications prescribed by your doctor. You can counteract any circulatory problems by getting enough exercise and doing sports. Sports get the circulation going and should have an important place in your weekly routine. In the summer, it would be recommended to postpone sports activities to the early morning or late afternoon. At these times, the risk of heat stroke is much lower. In extreme heat, you can also exercise indoors.

Alternating showers

Alternating shower to get the circulation going

Alternating hot showers can help with circulation problems if done at home. To do this, shower as usual, but at the end turn the water cold (but not ice cold) and shower off the body for a few seconds. This alternation will stimulate the circulation.

Cold towel

Cold cloth on the neck to stimulate circulation

If a cold shower is impossible right now, you can create a cold stimulus with a cold washcloth. Place this on the neck, where the carotid artery runs along, at the temples or wrists. This quickly boosts circulation and can really work wonders.

Hand massage

Circulation to get going quickly by hand massage

A hand massage can also help to stimulate the circulatory system. When you stimulate the reflex zones on the palms of your hands, the nerves are activated. For this purpose, you can use a simple crumple ball, for example, and simply roll it between the palms of your hands.