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Vitamins against pimples: could a deficiency of certain micronutrients be the cause of skin blemishes?

Is it possible that there are actually vitamins against pimples? Science says yes, because as it was found out, certain nutrient deficiencies can cause the inflammatory skin condition to break through and become visible on our skin surface in the form of pimples. Acne is a normal and widespread skin condition. Especially in certain groups, for example teenagers, whereby it occurs when skin glands produce too much oil, thus clogging the pores and then in the further process bacteria cause inflammation, the pimple. There are countless products on the market to treat these skin symptoms externally, but is it possible to achieve success by taking micronutrients?

Vitamins against pimples: what nutrient deficiency causes the inflammatory skin problems?

Vitamins against pimples which nutrient deficiency is to blame

This article provides information on which micronutrients can help treat and prevent acne. Micronutrients, vitamins and minerals, can help counteract hormone imbalance, which can result in a clearer appearance of the skin. They also strengthen the immune system and help the body effectively fight germs, preventing and fighting the development of pimples and blemishes.

Vitamins against pimples: Vitamin A influences the skin structure

Food supplements to compensate for undersupply and deficiencies

Vitamin A is a retinoid, which, in addition to skin structure, influences many other processes and functions in the body. For example, it supports the functions of the immune system, the organs of vision , the reproductive system, communication between cells and also helps the work of the heart, lungs and kidneys. It may be able to reduce the activity of Propionibacterium acnes, which is a type of bacteria that plays a significant role in the development of acne. Vitamin A can be obtained or consumed from plant and animal sources. Other benefits of the vitamin are that it has an antioxidant effect and fights free radicals in the body, which can have a damaging effect on cells and lead to premature aging of the skin. It can reduce inflammation in the body, promotes the growth of new cells and protects against negative environmental influences.

Foods high in vitamin A

Vitamins against pimples Retinol nutrients for the skin

  • organic beef liver
  • certain types of fish such as herring, tuna and wild salmon
  • green vegetables such as organic broccoli and spinach
  • yellow vegetables such as sweet potatoes, pumpkin or carrots
  • fruits like oranges, cantaloupe melons, apricots or mangos
  • organic dairy products
  • Vitamin A supplements, which you can find in wide supply in drugstores and pharmacies.

Why vitamin D is so important for healthy skin

Vitamins against pimples the sun vitamin D

Everyone knows about the sunshine vitamin, which is produced and secreted by the body through exposure to the sun. It helps the body absorb calcium, contributing to good bone health. It promotes effective nerve cell communication and suppresses the spread of germs. In a 2016 study, scientists found that people who suffer from acne have lower vitamin D levels than people who do not suffer from acne. The results of the study indicate that the vital nutrient can help fight acne, but more research would be needed. Even though the body produces the micronutrient itself through the rays of ultraviolet light, there are also foods that can provide it to the body.

Foods containing vitamin D

  • fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon or tuna fish
  • Organic beef liver
  • Cheese
  • Organic eggs
  • Mushrooms
  • Furthermore, the market offers a wide range of fortified foods and dietary supplements.

Micronutrients against pimples: Zinc

Vitamins against pimples trace element zinc

Zinc is an essential mineral that supports multiple processes in the body. This concerns the function of the immune system, protein synthesis, wound healing, cell division processes and enzyme activity. The trace element has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and reduces excess oil formation in the pores. It can, applied orally or externally, reduce the appearance of pimples . It is not very difficult to include zinc in the diet plan, the following foods are a good source of it.

Foods containing zinc

  • Seafood oysters, crabs or lobster
  • Organic red meat
  • Organic poultry
  • Legumes, nuts, whole grain products
  • Organic dairy products
  • Dietary supplements

Fight bacteria with bacteria: probiotics

Probiotics help against pimples for a beautiful complexion

Probiotics are not vitamins, nor are they minerals, however, they deserve their place here for completion and also for their effectiveness in this regard as dietary supplements that are helpful for getting rid of pimples and acne. Live probiotic cultures promote healthy digestion, strengthen the immune system and help clear the skin by reducing pimples and acne. According to a 2014 study , published in the Dermatology Online journal, scientists found evidence that probiotic foods, or probiotic supplements, may be promising and safe cures for acne. They add that more research is needed, but the evidence so far would be promising enough to recommend the use of probiotics to promote gut health and fight acne.

Foods that contain probiotics

Beautiful clear skin with a good supply of micronutrients

  • Organic plain yogurt (main source of probiotics, can be made from cow’s, sheep’s or goat’s milk)
  • Kefir (organic)
  • Organic sauerkraut
  • Miso (fermented spice paste)
  • Organic kombucha tea (fermented tea drink)
  • Pickled cucumbers
  • Organic cheese
  • Of course, dietary supplements are also available in pharmacies, drugstores or online stores. Here, you should always look for high-quality products. These often need to be kept refrigerated.