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Umbilical hernia in pregnancy – dangerous or normal?

If the navel bulges outward during pregnancy, it is usually a so-called umbilical hernia. At first, this sounds much more dramatic than it is. We spoke to an expert about what expectant mothers should know about the change in the belly.

The pregnancy progresses, the abdominal girth increases and suddenly – plop! – the navel protrudes. The small "knöpfchen" usually develops towards the end of pregnancy. The so-called umbilical hernia is usually painless. The reason for this is that the abdominal wall stretches and with it the abdominal muscles, creating a gap through which the navel, which is actually on the inside, pushes outward in the form of a so-called hernia sac. This phenomenon, also known as umbilical hernia in medical terminology, occurs mainly in women with weaker connective tissue.

A herniated belly button is a natural process.

This is a natural process and no reason to worry,” says Prof. Eckhard Goepel, a gynecologist from Hamburg. There are no preventive measures. It usually disappears spontaneously or through good Rückbildungsgymnastik after the birth." So there is no danger either for the expectant mother or for the baby in the belly. However, if the protruding navel is perceived as störing, the doctor will advise a small bandage if necessary.

Umbilical hernia – with pain and Verfärbung immediately to the doctor

If everything remains painless, the woman can simply continue to enjoy her pregnancy. However, if the belly button starts to hurt or become bluish, no time should be lost. This could be an indication that intestinal tissue has become trapped and blood flow has been reduced as a result. "In the worst case, surgery must be performed immediately", says the gynecologist. A situation, which fortunately only very, very rarely occurs, gives the physician however at the same time all-clear.

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