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This is what happens when you drink tap water every morning

The body should be supplied with sufficient fluids every day. Tap water appears to be the cheapest and, above all, the easiest way to cover the daily liquid requirement. Provided that there are no lead pipes in the house, the water from the tap can also be enjoyed without hesitation. After all, drinking water in Germany is subject to strict controls to ensure that no large quantities of harmful substances can be found in the drinking water. Why you should drink tap water every morning, I explain in the article.

Drinking tap water: Is additional filtration necessary?

Tap water suitable for drinking or not

To be on the safe side, tap water can be treated with the help of a water filter. In addition, it is advisable to let the water run for a while before drinking it. If the water stands in the pipes for a longer period of time, pollutants or even metals can pass into it. Accordingly, the tap water should first run for some time before drinking, so that these pollutants are flushed away. But what exactly happens in the body if tap water is drunk every morning?

Drinking tap water: energy kick for the entire body

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The entire organism can benefit from drinking a glass of tap water every morning immediately after getting up. If the water is lukewarm, it can stimulate digestion, among other things. But the metabolism can also benefit from the morning glass of water. This is especially true for cold water. Because this must be warmed up by the body first. In this way, the first calories are burned immediately after getting up. Drinking cold tap water directly in the morning can also wake you up faster. But be careful: not all people tolerate the cold wet on an empty stomach.

The body is supported in detoxification

Drink tap water before lunch every day

During the night, the body not only loses a lot of fluid, so that the corresponding depots can be replenished by the morning glass of water. The organism can also be positively supported in terms of detoxification and purification, provided that the first way after getting up leads directly to the water tap. After all, the body was busy during the night to break down any toxins and harmful substances in the body. However, these still need to be eliminated so as not to harm the body. The glass of water in the morning can help to transport these harmful substances out of the organism faster.

Drinking tap water: How to prevent stomach problems

Drink water why is performance water healthy and

Many people suffer from nausea or heartburn as soon as they get up. This phenomenon can be observed not only in pregnant women, but is often a problem that can be found in different age groups. If those affected drink tap water directly after getting up, the stomach acid can be diluted. In most cases, this is the cause of typical complaints such as nausea or heartburn. This means that morning complaints can be quickly alleviated thanks to water.

Drinking enough water: Benefit for skin and hair

Tap water advantages and disadvantages at a glance

If the body is not supplied with sufficient fluids, this can quickly lead to various health problems. But the appearance can also suffer from the lack of fluids. Among other things, it promotes the formation of wrinkles, while skin blemishes and the like also have an easy time. Hair also suffers if the body is not supplied with sufficient water – it becomes brittle and dull. In addition to good skin care, it is therefore important to drink enough every day. This is especially true for women over 40 . Because with increasing age not only the collagen formation decreases, but also the elasticity of the skin is negatively changed. A glass of water in the morning therefore provides lasting care from the inside, while at the same time optimally promoting blood circulation to the skin and scalp.

Preventing possible diseases

Drink water daily how much and when

Many women in particular suffer from cystitis from time to time. In addition to heat, drinking plenty of fluids is recommended in this case. In this way, the pathogens can be flushed out of the body more easily. However, if enough water is drunk in advance, diseases such as cystitis or even kidney stones can be avoided. Drinking a glass of tap water in the morning already helps to flush the bladder more effectively, so that no bacteria can accumulate in the first place, which in the further course can trigger an inflammation or promote the formation of a kidney stone. The latter condition is mainly due to too many minerals in the kidney. However, if the body is supplied with sufficient fluids in the morning, the various minerals cannot be deposited in the kidney in the first place.

Drinking performance water: the absorption of sodium is reduced

Filtrate tap water what should you do

Although the body needs sodium for various functions and processes, too much is rather harmful. Much less sodium can be found in tap water than in store-bought mineral water, for example. Added to this is the fact that a great deal of sodium and salt is also ingested through our diet. So reaching for a glass of tap water ensures that you don’t take in any more than is absolutely necessary. An excessive amount of sodium cannot be utilized by the body at all, so that in the worst case various complaints such as high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems are imminent.

Drinking performance water: It’s good for the environment

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Those who reach for a glass of fresh tap water early in the morning will also favor the tap rather than the glass or plastic bottle throughout the day. Not only does this save a lot of money, but it can also make a big contribution in terms of the environment. Buying mineral water and the like is no longer necessary, so plastic waste is also avoided, for example. So drinking tap water is not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment.

Losing weight is easier

What does tap water contain and is filtering necessary

Unfortunately, it happens far too often that hunger is confused with thirst – especially after getting up. The strange feeling in the stomach is attributed to the fact that nothing has been eaten yet. In most cases, however, the body wants to signal in this way that the liquid depots are empty. A glass of tap water in the morning not only optimizes the metabolism, but also satisfies supposed hunger pangs. In addition it recommends itself above all in the context of a desired weight reduction again and again in between to reach for a glass of water – above all before the meals. In this way the stomach can already be filled, so that far less food must be taken up. But also hunger, which is often none at all, can be satisfied in this way throughout the day.

Drinking performance water: natural absorption of lime

Sounds a little strange at first, but it is of relevant importance for our body. Among other things, lime is used as an important mineral, for example for the teeth and bones. So instead of supplying the body with any supplements, we can fall back on the good and proven tap water, at least with regard to lime.

The daily liquid requirement can be covered more easily

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Turn on the tap, let the water run and then drink it – it can be that simple to supply the body with fluids on a daily basis. There’s no need to go to the supermarket and lug home countless bottles of mineral water. Tap water is available all the time and is easy to consume. In this way, the daily liquid requirement can also be covered easily and quickly.