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The best tips for the right baby bump care

A growing baby bump poses special challenges for the skin of the expectant mom, countless creams, lotions and oils promise a streak-free pregnancy. But what really helps?

Special care is important during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the skin is generally softer and more flexible due to the formation of special hormones, but additional care is still advisable and is good for mom and baby alike. In general, small tears quickly appear in the subcutaneous tissue on the stretching skin of the abdomen, which later remain visible as silvery stretch marks. An intensive Baby bump care can have a mitigating effect, but in many cases it cannot completely prevent the stripes. In about 15 to 20 percent of all pregnant women, a linea nigra also appears – a dark stripe that extends longitudinally along the baby bump, and here, too, regular application of cream can have a mitigating effect.

In addition, the use of the baby ball has other positive effects: The rubbing promotes the primal bond between mother and child and stimulates the baby’s own blood circulation, which in turn results in a higher oxygen supply through the umbilical cord for the baby.

When should I start caring for my baby bump? 

It is best for expectant mothers to start skincare right at the beginning of pregnancy. This way, they can get used to it and make daily care a recurring ritual. 

Which products are good for me and the baby? 

For the care are best suited special pregnancy oils. These products are particularly moisturizing and are designed to meet the needs of expectant mothers. These products are available in drugstores for very little money. In general, you can assume that they contain no ingredients that could be potentially harmful to mother or child. Alternatively, "normal" creams with moisturizing and soothing effects can also be used. Important here: The products should be suitable for sensitive skin. 

Traditional body lotions are also suitable for baby bump care – however, you should pay attention to the ingredients! In no case use products with kerosene content. This is an earth-based oil that can be harmful to the unborn child.  Toko oil is particularly suitable for care shortly before birth: it contains soothing substances that can also have a relaxing effect during the first contractions.

What is good for my skin?

The care should not only be limited to the abdomen, but also the breasts, décolleté, hips and thighs are happy to receive an extra portion of moisture. Stretch marks also appear easily here (not only during pregnancy!).

Applying care correctly

It is particularly good if cream or Öl is applied to the skin in gentle, circular movements. Tip: Always apply the care in the direction of your own heart, i.e. from right to left and from top to bottom – this additionally calms the baby. A light plucking massage is also recommended, it keeps the skin elastic. At the same time, the baby enjoys the movements and the light pressure. 

What should I pay attention to in general?

It is best to use natural substances. Above all, avoid kerosene öl (öl based on earth öl) and the additive MOAH (aromatized hydrocarbon compounds) – substances that are suspected of causing lasting damage to health. Under no circumstances should you use a hard sponge or a rigid Bübrush. The skin is particularly sensitive during pregnancy and could become additionally irritated. 

Our tip

NAfter showering, do not dry completely, but rub the damp belly with Öl, so the moisture can be absorbed even better. Almond oil is particularly moisturizing.