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Telemedicine Benefits: What does an online doctor do and how does online treatment work?

Health always comes first – we all know that. But how often have you had to go to the doctor but not found the time? Juggling between the job, doctor’s appointments and family has happened to all of us many times. No more long waits, no more commuting to the doctor’s office, and being able to communicate with your doctor from the comfort of your own home – sounds too good to be true, right? But all of this is actually possible with online treatment from a remote doctor, and the digital world is slowly arriving in medicine as well. Want to learn more about telemedicine benefits or wondering what exactly a remote doctor is? We’ll explain the answers right now in our article!

What is telemedicine?

Order medicines online telemedicine advantages

If we have any health complaints, the Internet is the first source of information for most of us. So it’s no surprise that digitalization has also arrived in medicine. The demand for online treatments from a remote doctor has increased enormously in the last 2 years and telemedicine is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. This is a digital alternative to the traditional doctor’s visit. Or to put it another way – telemedicine involves patients receiving care over the phone, via video calls or apps. Especially if you are feeling very sluggish or have no way to drive to the doctor’s office, you will benefit from telemedicine advantages. Whether you need a consultation, a prescription, or a sick note for work, telemedicine represents a whole range of healthcare benefits.

Telemedicine Advantages

Telemedicine benefits is a remote doctor reputable is a telemedicine platform that refers patients to partner doctors via questionnaires, phone or video consultations. One of the biggest telemedicine benefits is that it makes accessing healthcare much easier. As long as you have a cell phone and good internet connection, you can get a consultation from the comfort of wherever you are. Whether it’s for acne, headaches , gynecological problems or acute ailments, the service from a remote doctor covers several general medical concerns and you always feel you are in good hands. To get a consultation from a doctor, you must first create a customer account and select a suitable appointment in the online calendar. The doctor will then call you at the selected time and can make a diagnosis during the consultation and write a prescription if needed. The diagnosis is then saved in your customer account and the prescription is sent by mail.

Is it possible to order medication online?

What does a remote doctor telemedicine benefits

You already know what disease you have and want to order a prescription medication online? In this case, you will also benefit enormously from the telemedicine advantages. With the remote doctor, you have the possibility to order medications for over 25 different diseases. To do this, the first step is to fill out a questionnaire, and after the doctor checks the answers, he issues a prescription. In this way, the partner doctors at the remote doctor can ensure that the medication is really suitable for you and rule out any risks. And the best part? You can have the medication sent directly from the remote doctor, as well as redeem it at a local pharmacy. The delivery usually takes 2 business days and the delivery also takes place on Saturdays. However, you have to pay a treatment fee for an order via Fernarzt, which ranges from 9 to 24 euros, depending on the type of treatment.

Is the cost of telemedicine covered by health insurance?

Telemedicine advantages online treatment at remote doctor

One of the most important telemedicine benefits is that your statutory health insurance company will handle the transaction directly via the platform. However, since it is still not possible to issue so-called e-prescriptions in Germany, in this case you will have to cover the cost of the prescribed medication yourself. Even if you have private insurance, you can download the invoice and submit it to your health insurance company.

These are the most important telemedicine advantages at a glance

Telemedicine advantages disadvantages what does a remote doctor

No waiting time or travel – comfort and convenience are undoubtedly the biggest telemedicine benefits. You can make an appointment with your doctor from the comfort of your home or during your lunch break. After all, online appointments are much easier to fit into a busy schedule. If you live in a rural area, in most cases, the distance to the doctor is very far. In this case, too, a remote doctor would be a faster and easier solution. In addition, you usually have access to doctors around the clock and you can get consultations at any time. Unlike a traditional doctor’s office visit, with a remote doctor, you are much less likely to catch an infection or pass your illness on to someone else. Although there are many telemedicine benefits, if you have an emergency or serious illness, be sure to call 911 or see a local doctor.

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