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Protein powder for weight loss: Does it really help, what types are there and how should we dose and use it?

Protein powder for weight loss, what a good idea! A delicious shake and the fight against the pounds is already won. It would be nice, but unfortunately it is not quite done that way. Nevertheless, protein shakes can help us lose weight – if we choose it right, dose it right and use it right. But with the variety on offer, the choice is not always easy. We have compiled the most important for you to help them get an overview and also possibly, if used incorrectly, to protect themselves from harm.

Protein powder for weight loss: What types are there and what are the differences?

Drink protein powder for weight loss

At the counter at the gym, you’re asked which protein powder you want. As if the choice wasn’t hard enough with all the yummy, different, delicious flavors – strawberry, mango, peach yogurt, chocolate, and even chocolatey-cookie is there! No – now we’re also being asked if we want Whey! But what is the difference anyway? Milk contains 2 types of protein – Whey and Casein. Both are beneficial for different goals.

Whey – The performance protein

Protein shake for weight loss What kind

Whey protein powder will help you if you plan to convert fat mass into muscle mass through effective training. Because it provides the right nutrients to give you enough energy for training and on the other hand to provide protein building materials for building muscle. Quite simply and uncomplicatedly by a fast drink. Whey protein has a higher number of amino acids and can be digested more easily and quickly, so that it does not weigh down your stomach during the following workout. Nevertheless, you should of course give yourself a few minutes.

Lose girth instead of kilograms

Tip: If you are training to build muscle mass with the goal of losing weight, you should not measure your success with the scale, but with a tape measure. Muscle mass weighs more than fat tissue, but is smaller in volume. Thus, you may lose a dress size and this will not manifest itself on the scale, but in a smaller waist circumference. In addition, a higher percentage of muscle mass increases the speed of metabolism, which lets you burn more calories in less time.

Casein – The long-term depot

Prepare protein shake

Casein protein, on the other hand, tends not to provide these energy-providing substances. It is suitable for ensuring that there is enough protein to build and repair muscle fibers during the resting phase or the build-up phase. This is because it is not broken down as quickly in the body. In some cases, this takes up to eight hours. For example, if you want to ensure that you have an adequate supply of protein after a workout or, before going to bed, it is a good idea to treat yourself to a shake.

Protein powder for weight loss: What do we need to consider about the dose?

Protein powder to lose weight Much does not help Much

A lot does not always help a lot – this is especially important to remember when taking protein powder, because an overdose of protein can even be dangerous. Normally, we take in enough protein through our balanced diet. However, supplementing the diet with protein powder offers itself as a quick, uncomplicated supply solution if we have not managed to provide our body with enough protein that day. There is a rule with protein that we must not exceed, which means before you start consuming protein powder excessively, get out the calculator and calculate your maximum requirement. Remember that you are taking in more protein through normal food.

Calculate protein requirements: Here’s how

Protein powder to lose weight calculate need

The guideline is: a normal person needs about 0.8 g of protein per kg of body weight, per day, evenly distributed throughout the day. This means that if you weigh 75 kg, for example, you should not consume more than a total of 60 g of protein, spread over the day. There is an exception to the rule for competitive athletes and, if applicable, nursing mothers. These groups of people are allowed to consume slightly more protein per day. A long-term overdose can lead to serious health consequences.

Are there contraindications and interactions with protein powder for weight loss?

Protein rich foods and shakes for muscle building

The additional intake of protein powder is suitable for people who remain undersupplied by food alone, for example, in a stressful period can not get enough protein. If you have kidney disease or other chronic illnesses and take medication, you should definitely talk to your doctor beforehand. He will be able to inform you individually about contraindications and interactions for your personal case. This also applies if you need help calculating the maximum amount. Please note that for the sake of your health, you should opt for pure organic products.

What foods provide protein as an alternative to shakes?

Eggs natural complex protein

Normally, we can meet our daily protein needs through a daily balanced diet. In this regard, certain foods contain proteins and other substances in an optimal complexity. However, stressful everyday life and industrially processed foods, which may have lost valuable substances through processing, push us to resort to food supplements in some situations.

Curd cheese with fruits protein snack

However, those who want to eat naturally and may want to learn some nutritional values. This is the best way to use it on a daily basis. For example, eggs, cottage cheese, resin cheese as well as some grains have a high amount of protein. As a practical derivation, you could replace potatoes with delicious quinoa in your diet plan and enjoy egg and cottage cheese with it. In this way, you will have provided your body with optimal nutrition while also saving money on protein powder for weight loss.