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Get rid of winter fat: With our weight loss tips you stay in top shape even in winter!

It’s January and once again most of us have resolved to eat healthier or finally exercise more. Christmas cookies, mulled wine, crispy goose, etc. – the Christmas season can really put our eating habits to the test. While it’s perfectly fine to indulge every now and then, and the holidays are once a year after all. But we’ve all been there – we really dig in during the vacation season and already the scale is showing a few extra pounds. And already we’re frustrated wondering how to get rid of that winter flab and reach our desired weight. If you also need a little boost and some motivation, then you’ve come to the right place! You can find out how to lose weight as well as helpful workout tips for winter in our article right now!

Get rid of winter flab: Make a plan

get rid of winter fat what to eat workout tips for winter

If you want to get rid of winter flab, don’t try to go cold turkey. If you take on too much, you’ll usually give up after a few days or weeks. Rather, start with small steps and make smaller changes. Gradually create more goals as you get the results you want – this will help you be more focused and motivated.

Diet plan to lose weight get rid of winter fat tips

Make a plan and write down everything you want to achieve. Do you want to lose 1-2 kilos? Exercise 4 times a week? Or would you like to try the vegan diet? Here are a few ideas of what you could start with.

  • First, give up all processed foods and frozen meals from the supermarket.
  • Reduce your sugar intake.
  • Eat at least 3 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
  • If you have never exercised before, start with longer walks or simple home workouts for beginners.
  • Prepare your meals and create a nutrition plan. If you don’t know how exactly to do this, try our Meal Prep plan for weight loss .

Drink plenty of water

how much water to drink a day get rid of winter fat tips

Drink, drink and drink! To get rid of winter flab, you should also drink enough. And no, we don’t mean cola and lemonade, but water and herbal teas without sugar. Drinking enough will boost our metabolism, which in turn will help us burn more calories even when we are retired. According to doctors, the recommended amount for adults is 30-50 ml of water per kilogram – that’s about 2 to 3 liters per day.

Protein-rich foods for weight loss

Stay fit in winter how to get rid of winter fat

When it comes to losing weight, a healthy and balanced diet is key. Protein-rich foods and dishes keep us full longer and boost fat burning without losing muscle mass. How much protein for weight loss we should eat, we can not tell you exactly. The need is different for each individual, but the recommendation for adults is between 0.8 and 1.5 grams of protein per kilo of body weight. To get rid of winter flab, stick to low-fat, low-calorie protein sources like chicken, salmon, yogurt and eggs.

Snack smarter

how much protein to lose weight get rid of winter fat tips

Yes, even if you want to get rid of winter flab, it’s still okay to snack. In fact, it’s even encouraged, because healthy, low-calorie snacks keep blood sugar levels stable, control hunger, and stimulate metabolism. However, processed and packaged snacks, such as chips, gummy bears and chocolate, are a no-no. Instead, choose fresh or dried fruits, vegetables, raw vegetables or nut butters. Cheese, hard-boiled eggs, and whole-grain crackers are also great alternatives and are ideal for takeout.

Portion control matters

Winter fat get rid of tips portion control learn slimming

One of the biggest challenges for anyone who wants to lose weight is knowing how much food is enough to get the nutrients we need without going overboard. To lose weight, we need to eat fewer calories than we consume – we all know that. But often this is easier said than done, and many people tend to eat more than they need. For example, a handful of nuts can be 20 grams for some and 50 grams for others. If you have the opportunity to do so, weigh all (or most) of your food.

Get rid of winter flab: Exercise regularly

Workout in winter tips how to get rid of winter fat quickly

Burn off those extra vacation calories and start the new year with a new exercise routine. If you want to get rid of winter flab, there’s simply no way around exercise. Whether it’s longer walks, jogging, swimming, home workouts or strength training at the gym, sports and exercise are important for our health. So try to get back to exercising as soon as possible, or if you’re new, sign up at the gym. Some of the best deals and discounts on classes and memberships are now after the holidays. A common mistake that many people make in the beginning is to overdo it with exercise. No, exercising for 2 hours every day will not make you lose weight faster. Overtraining is actually dangerous and can lead to serious injury or even depression in the long run. Losing weight doesn’t happen overnight (wouldn’t that be nice?). So give yourself time and have fun with it.

Make sure you have variety in your workouts

Workout tips for winter how to get rid of winter fat

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life – even when it comes to exercise. Trying new things prevents boredom during workouts and keeps us motivated. In addition, our bodies adapt to the effort and exercises over time, which can slow down the weight loss process. So, in order to boost metabolism, it’s important to keep challenging ourselves and switching up our exercise routine. Try stepping out of your comfort zone and try something you’ve never done before. Work out at a different location or sign up at the Gym. Try a new style of workout – Tabata, HIIT, Pilates, etc. If you like jogging, try incorporating intervals by changing up the speed and inclines.

Workout tips for winter

To help you get rid of winter flab and finally reach your desired weight, we have some helpful workout tips for winter for you!

Try different home workouts

Home workout for beginners get rid of winter fat tips

During the cold winter months, it can sometimes be difficult to muster up the motivation to get dressed and leave the house to work out. Fortunately, we don’t have to, because there are plenty of great home workouts that are just as effective and strenuous as strength training at the gym. After all, 5 minutes of exercise a day is much better than no exercise at all. It’s even more fun when the whole family joins in, and having a workout partner makes it more likely that we won’t give up.

Get rid of winter flab: Exercise during your lunch break

weight training slimming experience workout tips for winter

We admit it – in the winter we like to stay in bed a little longer in the morning and after work we just want to go home. Working out in the dark isn’t much fun, and it can also be dangerous in some cases. The solution? Is there a gym near your office, then go work out during your lunch break.