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Are tangerines good for weight loss? – Use the ordinary fruit as a domestic superfood in diets

If you are trying to lose weight, you may be wondering, are tangerines good for weight loss? A healthy diet with fruit doesn’t have to be expensive, and the ingredients in this fruit can actually help with weight loss. So instead of getting lost in the jungle of supplements, you can turn to everyday and inexpensive natural products in the winter. Daily consumption of fruits like oranges, clementines and tangerines can be an excellent choice for quick and healthy weight loss. So here are some of the benefits of these popular seasonal fruits that could make them the preferred option for your diet plan.

Why are tangerines good for weight loss as a healthy alternative?

supply the body with vitamin c from seasonal fruits and natural products in winter

This citrusy type of fruit is one of the most sought after in the fall or winter season, as it can be used in numerous recipes and winter drinks. In addition, the tangerine is delicious, sweet and rich in vitamin C, which can strengthen your immune system , as well as lower blood pressure and even help with weight loss. Thanks to the few calories they contain, tangerines are good for weight loss and are also perfect for daily consumption. However, before you apply any kind of diet with it, it is obviously important to talk to an experienced nutritionist. With his help, you will be able to better evaluate the right diet plan based on your weight.

due to their flavonoid-rich pulp, mandarins are good for weight loss and healthy to eat

So, first of all, you should understand why tangerines can be the main ingredient of such a diet. These citrus plants have many benefits and can, for example, stimulate digestion as well as relieve abdominal discomfort. In addition, tangerine also makes you feel full and fights the feeling of hunger. The fruit is also rich in fiber, iron, magnesium and folic acid. However, a mandarin diet is not only suitable for losing weight. It also allows you to provide your body with defenses against seasonal diseases. Such a diet simply consists of healthy and balanced foods. So, the goal is to add this fruit to every meal so that you can enjoy all its benefits every day.

Scientific evidence of the beneficial effects of tangerines.

health benefits of citrus fruits and why are tangerines good for weight loss in winter

According to researchers, such citrus fruits are full of antioxidants such as carotenoids and flavonoids, which keep the body healthy when consumed regularly. In addition, research has already shown that the fruit may have even more weight loss benefits thanks to its high flavonoid content. In fact, the study found that a molecule found in sweet oranges and tangerines reversed existing obesity and fat cell size in mice and increased the animals’ energy expenditure. So, in light of some study results, scientists hypothesize that this could work just as well in humans by shrinking the size of fat cells.

colorful and vibrant balcony plants like tangerines are good for weight loss

Tangerines and oranges also make great weight loss snacks because they are high in fiber, which means they are filling and contribute to healthy bowel movements while being naturally low in calories. They are also sweet, which will satisfy your sugar cravings. So the next time you’re looking for something sweet to snack on, reach for an orange or tangerine instead of chocolate. But does eating it have the same healthy effect if you drink a glass of juice instead of eating a whole orange or tangerine?

As a whole fruit or juice, tangerines are good for weight loss?

whole fruit vs. fruit juice in a weight loss diet

It turned out, after research was conducted, that pasteurized tangerine or orange juice actually contained more of some beneficial chemicals while providing the same amount of vitamin C as whole fruit. However, don’t start consuming excessive amounts of juice right away. In fact, a major problem with fruit weight loss is its high fructose content. With a 250 ml glass containing more than twice the calories of a single orange, pasteurized orange juice is condensed. This contains much more sugar than the fruit from which it comes.

clementines or citrus fruits like mandarins are good for weight loss and strengthen the immune system

There also remains the question of fiber content. In this regard, researchers have found that an increased intake of fiber helps in weight loss. However, the juice of citrus fruits without pulp contains much less fiber than the version with pulp, which in turn contains less fiber than the actual fruit. This is because much of it is lost during the juicing process. So unless you have one of the best juicers on hand, it’s better to stick to eating a whole fruit.

Other benefits of tangerines in a diet plan.

follow a healthy diet plan with consumption of oranges or tangerines at every meal

So, consuming a whole tangerine or orange not only contains the same amount of vitamin C as juice, less sugar and more fiber, but also helps control portions when on a diet plan. Drinks are often not considered when counting calories. Therefore, it’s easy to pour a big glass and consume lots of sugar from something supposedly healthy like fruit juices. However, when you eat the fruit, it comes in a pre-made serving size.

instead of high-calorie desserts, eat fruits like clementines after meals

Along with all the benefits of the vitamins and fiber contained in the fruit and vegetables, and the reduced amount of sugar, tangerines are good for weight loss. When it comes to oranges as well, eating them whole is just as preferable to a glass of OJ. This is a simple diet change for those who want to follow a weight loss diet. It can actually help rather than hinder your progress. So leave the fruit juice concentrate and chocolate at the supermarket and just grab a bag of whole tangerines or oranges on your way out the door.

Sample menu with tangerines for weight loss

healthy breakfast with orange juice or fruits and baked goods in moderation

  • Eat one or two tangerines in the morning with a low-fat yogurt and no more than two cookies or pieces of bread.
  • After breakfast, drink a glass of water and lemon, accompanied by a tangerine.
  • For lunch, you can fill part of pasta or brown rice with a tangerine and oven vegetables.
  • Also add tangerines and vegetables to your meals with fish or meat.

fruit bowl with chia seeds and mandarins as superfood in everyday life

In addition, there are numerous recipe ideas for preparing dishes and desserts with tangerines. The most important thing is to have the fruit with almost every meal. However, this type of fruit should not survive a week of consumption. Then you can return to the classic diet, without neglecting physical activity. This is also very important at home to lose weight in a healthy way.