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Sick note times differently – Everything only on-line. Has digitalization paid off?

Health is the most important asset of a person, which is why it should always be in the first place. Depending on the nature of the disease, it is necessary to decide what will help recovery and whether it is not better to spend the day at home.

A different kind of sick note: a cold, a cough and “bang”, unfit for work!

Introduce digital prescription and get medicines without leaving home

It hits everyone at some point: The head throbs, the nose runs and the forehead is hot. In addition to drinking plenty of fluids, getting plenty of sleep, drinking soup and eating healthy fruit to boost your immune system, there’s something else you need to keep in mind: calling in sick. In principle, everyone is obliged to inform the team leader or the manager immediately, preferably before the start of the working day, about the absence from work due to illness.

The boss knows, finally rest – easier said than done!

Sick note times differently cold cough and unfit for work

Unless otherwise stated in the employment contract, the employee must submit a certificate of incapacity for work within legally defined limits . Often this is also questioned after the sick note. Failure to do so may even result in a warning.

Quickly off to the doctor!

Quick to the doctor video consultation

Just as surely as one announces itself at the boss ill, it functions now also with the physician. With the help of the Internet, doctors can be there for their patients digitally via video conferencing. The process is very simple: make an appointment with your family doctor, receive a special code, log in with your insurance card and the code, and conduct a video call! As a patient with statutory health insurance, there’s no need to worry about price traps, because insured patients don’t have to pay for video consultations.

A different way to call in sick: How does the video consultation work?

Online video call with doctor to get advice

The procedure is actually the same as for an ordinary doctor’s visit, except that the conversation takes place at separate locations. The exchange takes place on the screen without having to visit the doctor’s office.

After a brief technical test, the conversation can begin: Once in the digital waiting area, you wait until the doctor answers and the video conference starts. During the consultation, you can consult the doctor as usual, eliminating long waiting times and travel distances.

Back to the sick call: Sick notes can also be easily requested during consultation hours, this does not pose a problem. So, to summarize once again, just as with a visit to the doctor’s office, it is possible to be advised and receive a certificate of incapacity for work in online consultations. But what if the doctor prescribes medication?

Do I have to leave the house after all?

Sick leave in a different way the video consultation

When you transfer money, you no longer fill out transfer slips and take them to the bank. To make treatment with medicines safer and also to give prescriptions an online foothold, the e-prescription will be introduced from January 2022.

The e-prescription, as another component of the new digital application in the health sector brings many advantages. Prescriptions prescribed by the doctor can be stored digitally on the cell phone in a secure server. Anyone going to the pharmacy has the option of printing out a QR code received from the doctor or using a cell phone to open the prescription. This code is then scanned at the pharmacy, thus transferring the prescription. Alternatively, you can also redeem and order the prescription via a special app at the desired online pharmacy.

Furthermore, all important information about the medication can also be viewed online. From the medication reminder to the medication plan with built-in interaction check and the check of incompatibilities between all medications. Health advisors, such as those from, provide information on other components and answer open questions.

Everything now only online: Has digitization paid off?

Has digitalization paid off?

After talking to the doctor online, receiving your sick note and ordering your medication, the question arises as to whether you have forgotten anything. Having been able to manage what would normally be a stressful day from home without having to jump through any hoops, it’s no wonder.

How to report sick Tips for employees

The ability to follow up on doctor visits, sick notes and prescriptions online results in various advantages:

– Eliminate long waits at doctor’s offices and travel distances
– Unnecessary emergency room and doctor’s office visits can be reduced
– More freedom in choosing a doctor
– Equal opportunities between urban and rural areas; people in rural areas with low physician density can access medical care more easily
– Quicker to get a certificate of incapacity for minor illnesses

The spatial distance also brings limitations and can even bring disadvantages in certain cases:

– Not every illness can be detected
– No physical examinations
– Poor Internet connection can pose problems
– Possible alienation of the doctor-patient relationship

A different way to report sickness: Conclusion

Sick note times differently the basic principles

Digitization in healthcare is a revolutionary aid for doctors and patients. Doctors can respond to all emergencies more quickly as practices become less crowded. Equal opportunity between urban and rural areas is just as much of a benefit, offering people in rural regions with low physician density the opportunity for good medical care.

The online practice visit is perfect for quick sick leave and people with minor illnesses. The submission of the requested certificate of incapacity for work should not be forgotten at the health insurance company. In addition, it is also possible for young people over the age of 16 to obtain school sick notes. In case of more serious illnesses, it is recommended to visit the doctor for physical examinations.