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Rise and shine: Here are our tips to help you wake up faster.

You get up in the morning, but still don’t feel awake at all? You are not alone. Sometimes even coffee and other wake-up drinks don’t help. What can you do to wake up faster and start the day in a good mood? For all morning grouches, we’ve collected a few helpful tips for waking up that will make the early mornings more bearable. Some of them can also help you get and stay awake in your daily routine at work.

The best tips for getting awake in the morning

how to wake up quickly in the morning tips

How to get awake? Probably the best known answer to this question is – with coffee. It’s true that caffeine has an invigorating effect and gets the circulation going. However, new studies show that in some cases coffee can make you sluggish and even unfocused instead of perky. Fortunately, there are other methods for waking up that you can try before you drink your first cup of coffee in the morning.

Start small

tips to wake up directly after alarm

Good news for all night owls and anyone else who doesn’t jump right out of bed when the sun rises: You can learn to love mornings. Even small changes in your routine can boost your mood and energy. A few tricks and methods can also help you fall asleep faster and easier in the evening . After all, it’s usually not such a big struggle to get up when you’re well rested. Therefore, start small but targeted by trying to change your habits.

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Put your alarm out of reach

Set alarm clock out of reach Wake up tip

Let’s face it: unless you’re allowed another hour or two of sleep, hitting the snooze button won’t really help you feel less tired. But there’s another reason to get up when you first hear that annoying beep. When you get up and go to bed at the same time every day, you keep your body’s internal clock in sync. This makes you more alert in the morning and sleepier in the evening.

Whether you use your smartphone or a traditional alarm clock, if the alarm is out of your reach, you’re more likely to get up to turn it off. Once you’re up, however, don’t go back to bed.

To wake up, choose the right alarm sound

Tips to wake up faster in the morning

The alarm clock is the first thing we hear in the day, so the alarm tone should be chosen with care. It should be loud enough to force us to get up, but at the same time not too disturbing. Experts recommend that you wake up with your favorite song. This way you start the day with a positive feeling.

Remember that snoozing simply does not have any positive effects. Just the opposite – the more often you hit the snooze button and postpone getting up, the more tired you feel. Getting up right when the alarm goes off will also help you really wake up faster afterwards.

Listen to music to cheer you up

tips to wake up quickly listen to music after getting up

If you’re worried that having your favorite song as your alarm sound will quickly make you hate it, then rather set the classic beep as your alarm and listen to some music right after you get up. Because everything goes better with music, including the gray morning. Choose a great playlist that can cheer you up, turn the music up loud and get ready for the day with musical accompaniment. This will help you wake up faster, improve your mood and increase your motivation.

Let the light in

how to wake up quickly in the morning open curtains light

As soon as you wake up, open the curtains or blinds. Or go directly outside, for example, to the balcony. Natural light gets your brain going and keeps your body clock on track. When it’s cloudy and gloomy, turn on the lights. A glowing alarm clock can help as well. And it can be less distracting than a loud alarm. If you struggle with drowsiness or suffer from seasonal depression, try a light therapy lamp . It can lift your mood and help you feel awake faster.

Pamper yourself in the morning

Tips and methods for getting awake pamper yourself in the morning

To curb the urge to stay under the covers, plan something to look forward to each morning. For example, you can read your favorite website while eating a delicious breakfast or go for a walk in the park. While you’re at it, choose only those things that you wouldn’t be able to do if you stayed in bed too long. Anything that excites you or gives you pleasure will help wake up the brain and make you less sleepy.

Do exercises to wake you up

Exercises to wake up in the morning Stretching

Jumping jacks or a brisk walk can get your blood pumping and invigorate your nervous system. You’ll feel more alert right away – and hours later, too. Exercising early in the morning will also help you fall asleep easier in the evening (compared to exercising later). Try to do it at least a few hours before bedtime – the earlier, the better. If you don’t do your workout until the evening, then you may have a hard time falling asleep. Should it be an evening workout, then rather try yoga as it will alleviate insomnia.

Exercises and physical activities that wake you up quickly:

  • Do handstand
  • Do stretching exercises in the morning right after getting up
  • Do squats, push-ups and lunges
  • Jogging or cycling
  • Do you have a pool? Then do 5-10 minutes of swimming certainly awake

Fill up with energy for the day

tips to wake up in the morning eat breakfast

No appetite? Try to have a small meal in the morning anyway. Even something light, like an egg with a piece of whole-grain toast or a small bowl of yogurt with berries, can give your body the energy it needs to get going. Breakfast also helps you focus better.

Take a shower in the morning to wake up faster

Tips and tricks to get awake take a cold shower

To help you wake up faster, make your daily shower part of your morning routine . However, for an even better effect to wake up faster in the morning, the shower should be cold. The warm water has a relaxing effect and does nothing but further promote sleepiness in morning grouches. Therefore: make the water for the morning shower as cold as possible. Or take an alternating shower with hot and cold water. Three minutes are completely sufficient to revive the spirits and wake up the body.

A freshness kick in the bathroom

tips to wake up morning routine brushing teeth freshness

After getting up, most of us naturally go to the bathroom. If the cold shower is too much for you, you shouldn’t do without the cold water as a wake-up call. Just wash your face and rinse your mouth with really cold water. For extra freshness, use a strong minty toothpaste and matching mouthwash when brushing your teeth.

Switch off before bed

turn off lights in the evening dim no electronic devices

Bright lights at night can lower your melatonin levels (that’s the hormone that helps you feel sleepy). And it’s not just the lighting in the room that makes you want to lie in bed and count sheep. The blue light from cell phones, computers and TVs also slows down melatonin production. The solution: dim down the lights in your home and turn off all screens at least an hour before you go to bed.

Sleep on the left side of the bed

sleeping on your left side should help you get up in the morning

According to one study, the side of the bed we sleep on plays a role in sleep quality. People who sleep on the left half of the bed are in a better mood in the morning and, in principle, more optimistic. So it can’t hurt to test this claim for yourself.

Use sleep cycles to your advantage

Tips to wake up in the morning

Have you had one of those days where you’re up early but don’t feel sleepy or tired at all? You can fall back asleep easily, but also get up and start your day without a problem. Feels good, doesn’t it?

I’m sure you know the other mornings too. The mornings when getting up early is terrible: neither your body, nor your mind want to leave the warm bed and you feel like you’ve been hit by a car.

The difference between these two cases is made by sleep cycles. When we sleep at night, we experience some cycles that our body goes through. Each cycle goes through different phases – from deep sleep to REM sleep, which is the closest to wakefulness. If the alarm rings during the REM sleep phase, you will feel better and wake up faster. On the other hand, if the deep sleep phase is interrupted by the beep, then you will surely have problems getting up.

Use sleep tracker to calculate REM sleep phase

And how can you use sleep cycles to your advantage? Find out at what time you are in REM sleep in the morning. You can use a sleep tracker for this, for example. Or try setting your alarm clock at different times until you find the optimal time when it’s much easier for you to get up.

Once you find that perfect time, you can gradually set your alarm back 10 to 15 minutes and shift your sleep cycles until you reach your desired wake-up time.

However, this approach only works if you have consistent bedtimes. If you change your bedtimes by 1 to 2 hours each day, your sleep cycles will change as well, and you won’t be able to find that stability in the morning.

Tips for waking up in everyday life

wake up in the office tricks methods

Not only in the morning, but also during the day you sometimes feel sleepy. In the office and at work, fatigue is typical especially in the afternoon hours . So what can you do about fatigue? Here are a few tricks that will help you get and stay awake both in the morning and in other situations in everyday life.

tips to wake up in 5 minutes peppermint oil in diffuser

Here’s how to do it in 5 minutes:

  • Drink a big sip of water, or even a whole glass.
  • Blink your eyes several times when your gaze begins to wander off into space.
  • Massage your neck and temples with some peppermint oil, put some peppermint oil in a diffuser, or drink some peppermint tea.

Wake up in 15 minutes:

  • Exercise wakes you up and perks you up quickly. Take a short break and go for a short walk to get back awake and focused at work.
  • The fresh air and sunshine are the best awakeners. Even 15 minutes in the sun can wake you up during a boring day at the office.

tips to get awake at work taking a break enjoying the sun

Tips if you have 30 minutes:

  • Meditation done right wakes up your body and soul and puts you in a good mood for the rest of the day.
  • If you need a break from the screen, you can wake up with the good old book. But only if the book is really interesting and exciting.
  • Social interaction with friends or colleagues can wake you up more effectively than that cup of coffee. But for the best effect, you need to change the place and not stay in the office space during this break.

tips for waking up in the office social interaction