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Rebel Wilson – 30 kilos down and it’s for a sad reason

In early 2020, Rebel Wilson took it upon herself to lose weight. No sooner said than done – over a year and a half later, 30 kilos are now down. A success for the “Pitch Perfect” actress, which, however, is based on a sad story, as she now confessed.

On her Instagram account, Rebel Wilson shared a throwback photo of herself before she lost so many pounds. At her side tennis star Novak Djokovic, both of them smile at the camera in sports clothes. A supposedly happy moment for the British woman, because the reality was different. The most unfamiliar phase of her life, as she admits on Instagram.

"I have betäubt my emotions with food. My father died of a heart attack and that was just a sad time," she writes. "I didn’t think much of myself and didn’t value myself." Looking back on "this girl" she is "proud of what she has become and what she has achieved." Rebel Wilson closes her post with an appeal to her followers who also struggle with their weight and are stress eaters.

How Rebel Wilson lost 30 kilos

She knows what that feels like: "But it’s never too late to work on yourself and become the best version of yourself." Wilson herself is now much more confident with her new weight, which she also regularly shows on Instagram. The path to 30 kilos less, however, was also a sweaty one. With her personal trainer Jono Castano, the Hollywood star trained daily, doing everything from interval training to lifting car tires. And she switched her diet to the Mayr method, a holistic therapy based on a light diet.

Rebel Wilson – slimmed down like never before