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Oil pulling – the benefits of mouthwashes with cooking oil

Eliminating bad breath, preventing tooth decay, whitening teeth – rinsing the mouth with cooking oil sounds healthy, even if the taste is questionable. But what is the truth behind this tradition from ancient India, which has long been old hat in Ayurvedic teachings? Tikbow checked with a dentist.

What do you need to pull the & oil?

You need a good quality Öl, at least ten minutes of time a day and patience. Ölziehen unfolds its effect after regular &UMl;ßigen application, which should be maintained üover several weeks.

How does Ölziehen work?

The tongue is gently cleaned with a tongue scraper at the beginning. Then peel off the tissues and spit them out. This step is not absolutely necessary, but the roughened surface of the tongue allows the toxins to be dissolved and the oil to work particularly well. After this pre-treatment, a tablespoon of Öl is added, which is then rinsed back and forth for at least ten minutes and passed through the entire mouth. It is important to pull/press the Öl through the interdental spaces and also into the mouth pockets at the back of the cheeks. This is exactly where bacteria and foul-smelling deposits nest.

Now it’s time to hold out until the mass becomes soft and milky – ten minutes maximum, but it shouldn’t be much less. It is important: Do not swallow! Otherwise the toxins and harmful substances that have been slowly released will be back in the organism and the effort will have been in vain. Spit out, rinse with water and only now clean your teeth. Tip: Do not spit in the sink, otherwise the drain will quickly become clogged. Better to spit the Öl into a handkerchief and then dispose of it in the household garbage. And of course, the Ölziehen the toothbrush not replace!

Ölziehen: An all-rounder?

Admittedly, bad breath is a real abberator, but not always unavoidable. The surface of the tongue in particular is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, and additional influences such as poor nutrition or cigarette consumption can cause the breath to simply not smell good. This can of course be caused by serious problems of the oral flora and should in the best case be treated by a dentist. An oral rinse with Öl is intended to eliminate the said toxins that colonize the teeth, oral cavity and tongue.

"My experience with Ölziehen as a supplement to conventional dentistry has been consistently good", says dentist Juliane von Hoyningen-Huene of the dental practice Dr. E. Adler & Kollegen. Especially when patients cannot counteract chronic inflammations despite all efforts with professional tooth cleaning and their own oral hygiene, I am happy to recommend it." In addition, according to the expert, aromas can also be used when pulling teeth. Analogous to the antibiogram, an aromatogram can be made to see which aromas inhibit the bacteria from the gum pockets. In this way, the effect of the öl pulling can be further improved." After all, the gums are supposed to strengthen and thus have a präventive effect. The natural detoxification is also supposed to strengthen the immune system, but this has not yet been scientifically proven.

What are the disadvantages of Ölziehen?

No question: The taste of the Ölziehen is also after the twentieth repetition gewöhnungsbedürftig and also with the Würgereflex one must fight with the application somewhat longer. And also the question, which Öl one takes now for pulling, must find out everyone for itself. From sunflower to coconut oil, anything goes, as long as the quality is high.

Brighter teeth and a better feeling of well-being

If you make Ölziehen täglich and do not cheat on the time, brighter teeth are the reward for the Mühe. Yellowish deposits caused by bacteria, food and especially smoking are slowly removed and since the mouth is ideally cleansed of toxins thanks to the time-honored ritual, the smile is also brighter in the future. Traditional, aggressive tooth whitening naturally changes the color scale more visibly, but it is more expensive, more unpleasant and less gentle.