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Jessica Simpson about her alcohol addiction: “I didn’t respect myself

Jessica Simpson has been going through a major crisis. With a shocking post on Instagram, she looked back on this time and shakes up not only her fans.

The U.S. singer, actress and entrepreneur Jessica Simpson (41, "A Duke rarely comes alone") has recalled her early alcohol addiction with a photo and a frank message: the look empty, the body bloated, the skin red-spotted – so posted the mother of three children on Instagram and provided the entry with her emotional story.

"This person in the early morning of November 1, 2017 is an unrecognizable version of myself", Simpson commented on the picture. In a long text, she ütalks about the loss of self-esteem and how she suppressed her pain with alcohol for a long time.

She stopped drinking then, she said, and learned to recognize  fears, failures and pain and accept them. Now, she said, she has discovered her strength, is völly honest and open. "I am free", Simpson said.

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson in early 2020 at the launch of her book Photo: Getty Images

In her autobiography published in 2020 "Open Book" she had already revealed alcohol and tablet addiction. The reason, according to Simpson, was that she was abused as a child. To cope with the emotional strain, she had taken drugs, she said. Since 2017, however, with the help of therapy and her family, she has been sober, Simpson wrote in her book.

Since 2014, the singer is married to ex-football player Eric Johnson. In 2012, their daughter Maxwell Drew was born, in 2013 son Ace Knute and in March 2019 daughter Birdie Mae Johnson.

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