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Is giving birth with HypnoBirthing really painless?

Gülcan Kamps swears by it, Prince William’s wife Kate as well – HypnoBirthing is supposed to help pregnant women to a gentle birth. How this method works and what you have to invest for it – Tikbow talked about it with a specialist in obstetrics.

Many pregnant women can’t wait to bring their child into the world. If – yes, if there were not these pains wärend during the birth. On the Internet or among friends, the worst horror stories do the rounds. This can be very unsettling for pregnant women. HypnoBirthing is to help that the delivery does not mutate into such a horror scenario. The method does not require any medication at all. What counts is your own strength from within.

The inventor of HypnoBirthing

The US-American Marie F. Mongan, who died in 2019, created HypnoBirthing. The reason was the births of her first two children. Both deliveries felt the Pädagogin as traumatic. They were painful and she felt completely controlled by others. Mongan then developed special exercises, which she published in 1992 in the book HypnoBirthing. The Natural Way to a Safe, Gentle and Easy Birth. She even founded her own HypnoBirthing Institute in the US state of New Hampshire. Her book is now in its eighth edition. But it is no longer the only book on the subject. Others have taken up her method and varied it;

How HypnoBirthing works

HypnoBirthing does not really have anything to do with hypnosis, as the name might suggest. You are still fully present, but completely relaxed – at least that is the theory. "It is "similar to autosuggestion", explains Dr. med. Mandy Mangler, chief"physician for gynecology and obstetrics at the Berlin Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria-Klinikum. Pregnant women learn to use inner images or sentences to put themselves in a state in which they perceive little or no pain. They then recall this learning during childbirth. Many women can do without painkillers altogether;

Costs and benefits

HypnoBirthing teaches pregnant women techniques for bringing themselves into deep relaxation. In addition to Büchernern, many places also offer courses on HypnoBirthing. The cost of a group course usually starts at 300 euros, individual lessons are available from 500 euros.

You can start learning the methods of HypnoBirthing at any time during pregnancy. It is however quite aufwändig and needs its time", gives Dr. med. Mandy Mangler to consider. "You also have to be open to it and able to give yourself to it." The gynecologist advises people to at least give it a try. "There is nothing against it, it only brings advantages. I know many women for whom it has helped very well;