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How does monk’s pepper help with menstrual pain and the desire to have children?

Monk’s pepper miracle cure? For those who have problems getting pregnant, the plant with the Latin name Agnus castus is said to help and even relieve menstrual pain. Tikbow clarified the most important questions with a gynecologist.

What is Agnus castus?

Mönchspfeffer is colloquially called "chaste tree". "Mönchspfeffer supposedly reduces the libido and was therefore used in the past much in Klöstern to support nuns and Mönche with their sexually abstinent way of life", erzählt Dr. Today, however, the fruits of the pepper, which resemble peppercorns, are used for other purposes.

Monk's pepper plant
The mönch pepper plant in an unprocessed state, as a preparation it is usually presented in film tabletsPhoto: iStock/BasieB

"They contain substances that can act on hormone regulation in the brain", explains the gynecologist "Thus Mönchspfeffer can be used if it is suspected that a futile desire to have children is due to a hormonal imbalance. However, there is no reliability, no certainty that the herbal medicine actually helps and works."

How does Mönchspfeffer work?

Mönchspfeffer is also said to be able to alleviate other symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance. According to Dr. med. Christian Albring, these include "irregular menstrual cycle, prämenstrual syndrome, tightness in the breast – especially in the days before the onset of menstruation– but also hot flashes, not only in menopause, but also when these symptoms were caused during anti-hormone treatment in oncology. " One may not hope for an immediate effect nevertheless, because "the income must take place usually üover long time, until the effect occurs", says the Gynäkologe.

For whom is the preparation suitable?

Even though the product is a natural product, Dr. Christian Albring expressly warns against its use in young girls, pregnant women and in certain cancers whose course can be influenced by hormones. It is therefore advisable to discuss the use of m nchspfeffer with his gynecologist.

How much does peppercorn cost?

The herbal medicine is freely available in the pharmacy and must be paid out of one’s own pocket. 100 tablets cost on average about five euros. A final tip from the specialist: "If it is prescribed on a private prescription, the preparation could be tax deductible under the statutory provisions;