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How does breastfeeding work after breast surgery?

Whether enlargement, reduction or tightening: anyone thinking about breast surgery and wanting to have children can hardly avoid the issue of breastfeeding. Tikbow spoke with an expert about whether breastfeeding is still possible and what needs to be considered.

Is breastfeeding despite breast surgery a problem for the mother or even a danger for the baby? These are questions whose answers are probably of interest to many women who are considering or have already undergone an aesthetically motivated procedure. Because whether breast augmentation, a tightening of the tissue or even a reduction of the breast: an operation in this area is not a minor procedure.

What to consider when breastfeeding after breast surgery?

Tikbow checked with Prof. Dr. Jörg Borges, a specialist in plastic and ästhetic surgery, who specializes in natural breast augmentation. He clarifies that a silicone implant is not normally a hindrance if a woman wants to give her child breasts later, as the milk ducts would not be damaged if the procedure is performed properly.

If the patient wishes to have a child, an approach via the crease under the breast is preferable to one via the nipple, as this allows milk-producing glandular tissue to be spared. Because when surgeons make the incision at the nipple, it is quite possible that glandular tissue will be damaged, warns the professional.

Is there a risk from silicone implants?

Does the nursing mother have to worry about the well-being of her baby with regard to the silicone used? Dr. Borges explains: "High-quality implants today are not filled with liquid gel, but with cohäsive (solid) gel, compared to the implants of the earlier generation. Renowned manufacturers usually also offer a lifetime guarantee on the implants. There have been no indications of damage in children over the past decades since the implants were first used.

Does breastfeeding alter the breast even with implants?

What should also be clear to every expectant mother who has undergone breast surgery or is planning an operation: Even a"made" breast will change through pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is because regardless of whether or not a breast implant has been inserted, the breast usually becomes larger during pregnancy. This is due to the altered hormone production and results in the skin stretching. How much this is seen after pregnancy and breastfeeding is quite individual – that it happens, but quite naturally!