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Healthy through the winter: How to avoid a cold in the cold season!

In the past, very few people were concerned with the issue of health, so that people generally only became more mindful of themselves and their bodies after the doctor had diagnosed an illness. Now a rethinking of the population seems to take place. Where previously people were quite careless with general illnesses, or even with colds and flu-like infections, they are now very careful to observe the rules of hygiene in their own environment. We explain how you can get through the winter in good health.

Healthy through the winter: Hygiene rules

Hygiene measures in winter useful tips

These hygiene rules are very easy to implement and actually you would think that they were followed by everyone anyway. Among other things, this includes washing your hands thoroughly when you come home from shopping, for example, or before you go to the table. As a rule, nowadays it is more important than ever to protect oneself against colds. Whereby it is very important to strengthen one’s immune system. A lot of exercise and sport serve to keep the body going and to strengthen the immune system in a natural way. If you take the following tips into account, you can already protect yourself very well against a cold in winter and you don’t have to order medicines on the net and then pick them up sickly from the parcel post box.

Avoid crowded discount stores

Avoid crowds healthy through the winter

Since it is very easy to catch a cold in places where there are a lot of people, it is important to avoid these places as much as possible. Especially when shopping in discount stores, the risk of infection is generally given. Ideally, you can find out in advance when the peak times are in the respective discount store. This will tell you when a particularly large number of people are shopping and you can therefore schedule your shopping outside these peak times.
Furthermore, you can limit these routes by buying in bulk. This is already good protection. You can extend the protection if you disinfect the handle of the shopping cart before you use it. After shopping, you can clean your hands with a hand sanitizer, which will kill all pathogens. How to also protect yourself from colds is revealed in the other tips.

Stress weakens the immune system and makes you susceptible to colds in winter

healthy through the winter with snow

The fact that stress can have a negative impact on health has already been recognized by many. Because when you are under stress, numerous psychosomatic illnesses can develop. That’s why it is essential to avoid stress as much as possible, also in relation to colds in winter, and to allow yourself time out in which you consciously and mindfully respond to the needs of your own body. A relaxing “anti-stress bath”, a massage or meditation, work wonders and you can easily reduce stress if you have not managed to avoid it completely.

Healthy through the winter: Increase sports activities and exercise in the fresh air.

Doing sports in winter tips (1)

If you really mean it, and want to protect yourself from colds in the winter, then you should rethink even as a “sports muffle”, and engage in sports activities. Now it may indeed be that not everyone has the opportunity to visit a fitness center, but this excuse does not apply. If you really want to do sports, you can! Sports in your own four walls is possible even in the smallest space. With a little imagination, you can even do it without any sports equipment at all. Because even if you only integrate a small gymnastics unit into your day, you have done your body good and strengthened your immune system.
The movement in the fresh air, with a completely relaxed walk, not only strengthens the immune system , but also relieves existing stress. You only need to look at nature, and perceive it quite consciously, already dull thoughts are driven away and a contented smile enchants the face and delights the heart.
Diet is important not only to prevent colds
Everyone knows that nutrition is very important if you want to adequately provide your body with everything it needs. Basically, you should always eat consciously, because it will make you feel much healthier and it will make your body much more efficient. In winter, the prophylaxis of colds is to pay attention to provide the body with the vitamins that particularly strengthen it. Vitamin C is one of these vitamins. This can be easily obtained by eating citrus fruits.

healthy through the winter tips for proper nutrition

Vitamin C is especially present in lemons and oranges. However, many people find it difficult to consume vitamin C from lemons, as lemons – unlike oranges – taste very sour. However, if you consider that by eating a lemon you can also tighten the connective tissue, then you can also convince many a woman of it.To experience not only a cold protection, but also to support a diet accordingly and to cause the tightening of the connective tissue one proceeds as follows. Squeeze a lemon and fill a glass with 250 ml of lukewarm water. If you want to soften the intense taste of the lemon, you can add slices of cucumber. This drink is an optimal vitamin C supplier and thus offers protection against colds in winter.

Healthy through the winter: It all depends on the right clothing

healthy through the winter suitable clothing

Of course, in the cold season, you should make sure to dress appropriately . But few people know what to pay attention to. Warm should keep the clothes of course. But often people think that you freeze the least, if you dress in a Zwiebellook. This sounds good, because you think that the more you wear, the warmer it is and the better the protection against a cold, but this is wrong. Because the more you wear, the tighter the garments fit on and the less the air can circulate inside the clothes. Circulation of the warm air created by your own body temperature is essential if you really want to keep warm.
In addition, it is important to pay attention to breathable clothing. Because through the formation of sweat inside the clothing, you can very quickly cool down in the cold and thus catch a cold.