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Wheatgrass effect: detox and what else you can use the superfood for – anti-aging and improve health.

In natural medicine, already in Ancient Egypt 5000 years ago, in Indian Ayurveda as well as in Chinese traditional medicine, people for thousands of years appreciate the wheatgrass effect and its wide range of health benefits for humans. The green juice of young wheatgrass provides the body with nutrients, increases nutrient absorption of the organism, strengthens our immune system, is a detox agent that can flush out accumulated toxins such as heavy metals, destroys free radicals and even improves our skin appearance. Read now how you too can derive health benefits, from the “green gold” of wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass effect: health benefits

Fresh wheatgrass shot best absorption by the body

Wheatgrass is highly nutritious, providing an extra dose of energy. One of the main components, which is present in large quantities, is chlorophyll. It helps in renewal processes and to neutralize toxins. According to researchers, the green plant pigment, which is considered “concentrated solar power,” causes an improvement in the functioning of the cardiovascular system and helps keep organs such as the lungs, intestines and uterus in a healthy state. It is also said to be helpful for chronic ulcers and various throat, nose and eye health problems. The antioxidant properties of wheatgrass consist of a majority of vitamins and minerals that neutralize free radicals, preventing and defusing diseases that develop from them. These active ingredients help to slow down the aging process.

Wheatgrass effects on health

Wheatgrass effect health and other benefits

The health effects of wheatgrass intake are many. We present the three most important ones – detox, strengthening the immune system and skin, and antiaging. The other, no less important traditionally known effects on health, are only mentioned here below. These are:

  1. High nutrient supply with chlorophyll
  2. Increase of oxygenation in the body
  3. Promotion of a healthy metabolism
  4. Support of a healthy acid-base balance in the body
  5. Antibacterial effect, suppressing the growth of pathogens
  6. Renewal and strengthening of the blood
  7. Possible restoration of fertility and hormonal balance
  8. Restoration of damaged tissues
  9. Detoxification of the body from heavy metals
  10. Liver cleansing
  11. Helps regulate blood sugar
  12. Antiseptic action, eliminates odors, assists with strep infections, wounds, sinusitis, ear infections and scars
  13. Helps dental health
  14. Provides relief from sore throats
  15. Supports skin with psoriasis and eczema
  16. Improves digestion
  17. Reduces inflammation
  18. Promotes eye health, especially night vision
  19. Improves sleep disorders
  20. Strengthens the immune system
  21. Improves nerve signals and promotes well-being

Wheatgrass Effect: Detox

Wheatgrass effect Detox

Wheatgrass alkalizes the body environment and contains many detoxifying nutrients that support the body’s own detoxification mechanisms. Cellular and liver toxins, as well as toxins stored in the intestines, are flushed out by ingesting wheatgrass juice. Chlorophyll transports toxins accumulated in cells and fatty tissue into the bloodstream, where they are eliminated. Beware, this cleansing mechanism may be accompanied by nausea, fever and cramps. These may be side effects of the detoxification process, during which the liver is revitalized. Wheatgrass is not a normal food, but a natural medicine that performs serious detoxification processes in the body. Before starting a cure, talk to your doctor.

Strengthening the immune system

Wheatgrass natural remedy for detox and keeping the body healthy

The enzyme and amino acid complex contained in wheatgrass support the body’s immune system, helping to strengthen it and fight pathogens and even carcinogens. It increases the number of red blood cells in the body and the vitamins contained further strengthen immunity. It increases the nutrient absorption capacity of the body, contributing to the optimal supply of important nutrients to the cells, which otherwise might not be absorbed and metabolized.

Wheatgrass effect: skin and anti-aging.

Wheatgrass effect skin and antiaging

Loaded with ingredients such as vitamins, enzymes and amino acids, wheatgrass helps purify various physiological body systems. This improves blood circulation and gives the skin a healthy glow. The amazing properties of the substance chlorophyll help to stop the aging process of the skin. It also stops the growth of harmful bacteria, reducing the appearance of acne on the skin. In turn, the slowed bacterial growth promotes the regeneration of skin cells and supports the restoration of a beautiful complexion.

Wheatgrass in different dosage forms

Wheatgrass powder and in tablet form

Wheatgrass is not very good as a raw food, as it can cause swallowing or nausea. According to doctors, the best delivery form is a juice, which is the closest to the natural form of the superfood, as it promises the best possible absorption of all nutrients. However, for those who do not have the opportunity to get fresh juice, the second best alternative is the powder of the dried plant. Other wheatgrass product forms are also offered in stores, such as capsules, pills and tablets, which are of course also suitable.

Wheatgrass effect: daily dose, precautions and risks.

Dose precautions and risks

The correct dose of wheatgrass juice

A fixed intake amount has not yet been recorded in the literature. Experiences of doctors report patients who started with 30 ml per day and increased the dose from the second week to a maximum of 60 ml per day, without further increase in the following weeks. For the alternative products, such as the wheatgrass powder or tablets, please refer to the respective package instructions for dosage information.

Precautions and typical detox symptoms

Young wheatgrass and freshly pressed wheatgrass shot

Wheatgrass is not a food, but a detoxifying herb. Therefore, do not overdo it with its use and do not take it for too long periods of time. The detox process in the body may be accompanied by the fact that you may experience unpleasant symptoms typical of detoxification, such as mild nausea. Doctors advise that in this case you lie down and let this detoxification process take place. In any case, it is advisable to seek prior medical advice to minimize any risks and feel more comfortable.

Risks and contraindications

If you are allergic or have a chronic illness or are taking medication, please talk to your doctor in advance. Pregnant women and children should also talk to their doctor before taking it. It is not advisable to take wheatgrass up to 2 weeks before or immediately after surgical procedures, as it may cause changes in blood flow.