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Sow cress on absorbent cotton and soil: with our quick and easy instructions it will definitely work!

There are many ways to learn how to sow and grow cress. You may have seen plastic containers of cress sprouting on the windowsill, maybe even in eggshells or on absorbent cotton. Since it is so easy to care for, you can sow cress with children in kindergarten or elementary school. This could be an excellent and exciting project. Undoubtedly, cress on the windowsill is a great way for children to learn about germination .

Cress is familiar to all of us as a microgreen leaf used as a topping on bread and a sprinkle ingredient on salads. It includes nutritious varieties such as field cress and watercress, as well as the classic garden cress, which is perhaps the best known variety.

Sprouts are a perfect and healthy sandwich topping

You can sow cress indoors and also grow it outdoors, whether you have a small garden or no outdoor space at all. You don’t even need sun, as cress actually prefers shade – with the exception of watercress, which prefers a sunnier spot. It is known that cress is valued as a medicinal plant in India and the Middle East. It is a nutrient-rich food, rich in minerals and vitamins A, C and K, as well as antioxidants.

Sowing cress without soil: instructions

Sowing cress on absorbent cotton is easy and convenient

Sowing cress without soil is easy and convenient all year round. The best known is sowing cress on kitchen paper or absorbent cotton, in fruit baskets on a warm windowsill. Sow a basket of seeds every few weeks for a continuous harvest . It usually takes 14 days from sowing to cutting. At about 350 seeds per g, 40 g yields about 14,000 seeds.

Seedlings always present in fresh salads

The easiest way to grow cress quickly is to use a shallow tray (a plastic container from the supermarket works well) lined with paper towels, absorbent cotton or kitchen roll. Moisten the paper or wool well (but don’t let it float in water). Sprinkle the seeds over the surface and cover the tray with plastic wrap. A container for cress that is about one to two inches deep is perfect because it gives the seedlings room to grow.

Sow cress in egg cartons as containers

Germination occurs within a few days (within 24 hours if you’re lucky), and the cress is ready to harvest when it’s about 4 to 6 inches tall (five to seven days later, depending on the variety). Cut the stems at the base to use as a garnish, in salads or for sandwiches. It is important that the kitchen roll, or whatever you use, does not dry out. That’s why plastic wrap is so useful, because it prevents evaporation. You can also grow the cress without cling film, but then you need to keep a close eye on it, as the paper/wool etc. will dry out very quickly.

Another option: sowing cress in soil.

Cress can be sown in soil

If you prefer larger, healthier, tastier and more nutritious plants, then growing cress on the surface of potting soil is the way to go. Simply line a basket, tray or pot with compost and make sure it is well moistened. Let it drain and then press the surface of the compost firmly with a board. Spread the seeds evenly over the moist compost and press down lightly. Cover the trays with plastic wrap and leave them in a warm place until the plants have grown to the wrap.

Sowing cress on the windowsill

Remove the plastic wrap and then gently spray the plants with water, being careful not to damage the surface of the compost. Be careful not to allow compost to come in contact with the leaves. Within six days to a week, the cress will be ready to eat. The speed of growth depends mainly on the temperature. It grows faster at higher temperatures. However, it should not be heated too much, otherwise it may rot.

Sow cress in eggshells and in egg cartons.

Sowing cress in eggshells - an interesting idea.

Remember sowing cress in eggshells when you were a kid? This is a classic childhood activity that everyone should have tried at least once in their lives. It’s the perfect place to start if you want to get your kids involved in growing food. Cress grows very quickly, and if you have younger children, this is a great way to show them the process from sowing to harvesting.

Sowing cress with children is an excellent project

You can also sow cress in egg cartons. Cut the lid off the cardboard egg container. Line the lid with a clean, used piece of plastic and place the bottom container on top of the plastic. Use some cotton swabs to poke out the depressions and put some soil on the cotton. Then sow your cress seeds in the soil.

Egg cartons can be suitable for cress seedlings

Did you know about these beneficial properties of cress?

Healthy and fresh from the windowsill at any time

Cress has a number of useful and medicinal properties. It contains minerals and vitamins, so it is used not only as a spice, but also as a medicinal plant. It can be used for cough, bloated stomach, digestive problems and bronchitis. Watercress also strengthens the immune system and helps to overcome colds and flu more easily. It also helps to rid the body of toxins and has a diuretic effect.

Sow seedlings both indoors indoors and outdoors