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How spermidine shows effect as an anti-aging agent from capsules or food and can make body cells fit

Several scientific studies prove that spermidine could have effect in the aging processes. As you may have guessed, this messenger owes its name to seminal fluid, since it is actually contained in it. Moreover, this polyamine plays many important roles in human biology. So here are some facts worth knowing about the remarkable health benefits of the anti-aging agent , which you can ingest via supplementation or through foods like wheat germ.

How spermidine may exert effects on cellular metabolism during aging

matcha tea and collagen as a remedy for age-related diseases and cellular aging

As mentioned earlier, some research suggests that spermidine may slow aging and promote the health of the body’s cells. However, a good diet and regular exercise are also keys to living as long and as healthy as possible. Spermidine is a polyamine, which means it has two or more primary amino groups. It occurs naturally and is widely distributed in ribosomes and living tissues. In addition, the messenger plays a critical role in cell function and survival. Dutch scientist Anton Van Leeuwenhoek first discovered it in a sample of human semen in 1678. The body forms spermidine from its precursor putrescine. This is in fact the precursor for another polyamine called spermine, which is also important for cell function.

mitochondria with spermidine effect on cells and protect them from aging

Spermidine is found in all eukaryotic cells, where it plays an essential role in cell metabolism. Since autophagy also causes spermidine to be present in the body, the polyamine is essential for the breakdown of waste in aging cells. This is an important quality control mechanism for mitochondria, which are power plants in the body’s cells. Autophagy allows the body to break down and dispose of damaged or defective mitochondria. Polyamines can bind to many different types of molecules, which makes them very useful. They support processes including cell growth, DNA stability, cell proliferation and apoptosis. It also appears that polyamines act similarly to growth factors during cell division. For this reason, putrescine and spermidine are critical for healthy tissue growth and body function.

The occurrence of spermidine in food and supplementation

spermidine food table or list of vegetables and legumes as anti aging foods

It is already known that spermidine lines foods such as wheat germ, whole foods and vegetables. In addition, spermidine makes foods like grapefruit, soy products, legumes, corn, whole grains, chickpeas, peas, green peppers, broccoli, oranges, green tea, rice bran and fresh green pepper quite beneficial. It is also abundant in shiitake mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, and a variety of mature cheeses, as well as durian (cheese fruit).

asian dishes like wheat germ rich in spermidine effect against aging

As described above, spermidine is also found in high concentrations in health foods such as wheat germ. This makes it a commonly used ingredient in dietary supplements in the form of spermidine capsules and supplements with life-prolonging effects. Even higher amounts are found in soybean products, which are common in the Japanese diet.

healthy diet and rich source wheat germ spermidine

It is also worth noting that much of the Mediterranean diet contains spermidine-rich foods. This may at least explain the “Blue Zones” phenomena and why people often live longer there than elsewhere. If you have trouble getting enough in your diet, you can also get it as a spermidine supplement. The synthetic spermidine used in supplements is identical to the naturally occurring molecule.

chemical formula of spermidine powder for daily intake as food supplement

Some research suggests that it may prevent liver fibrosis and hepatocellular carcinoma, common causes of liver cancer. Many people believe that spermidine has effect as a dietary supplement because it has an effect on aging and may promote longevity. In addition, supplements containing spermidine have been praised as anti-aging agents.

Why spermidine has effects against many aging processes

anti age spermidine effect as capsule or food keeps us young and fit

Spermidine may also be effective in reducing the more physical aspects of aging. One of the earliest signs of aging can be seen, especially on the face. These can include fine lines, deep wrinkles, and sagging skin, which are seemingly unavoidable parts of the aging process. The general fear of looking older has fueled the skin care and anti-aging industry.

taking spermidine capsules or powder with rejuvenating effects.

Many supplement manufacturers promise to solve these skin problems through spermidine action. Based on ancient anti-aging wisdom from Japanese medical scrolls, such a supplementation by Spermidine capsule combines its active ingredients to reduce deep wrinkles and promote hair growth, longer eyelashes and stronger nails through the production of keratin. All of this is now said to contribute to a more youthful appearance. This as a supplement or food keeps us young and fit.

How spermidine prevents dementia and promotes cognition

how spermidine prevents dementia and enhances cognition

Increased intake of spermidine may reduce the risk of numerous age-related diseases, such as cancer, metabolic disease, heart disease and neurodegeneration, according to researchers. It may also improve cognition and memory. In addition, spermidine may have effects by neuroprotecting against damage from inflammation, ischemia and oxidative stress. One of the ways it does this is by dissolving amyloid beta proteins through autophagy. These plaques can accumulate in the brain and are linked to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. In fact, one study showed early signs that spermidine may prevent memory loss in older people with dementia. Spermidine supplements taken daily could be a promising way to counteract age-related diseases in the rapidly growing aging population.

Does Spermidine have side effects?

rejuvenating polyamine by spermidine effect on skin

As mentioned earlier, spermidine is a naturally occurring product in the body and part of the natural diet. Data suggests that dietary supplementation with a spermidine preparation is safe and well tolerated. Furthermore, there are no known adverse side effects of such supplementation. A number of studies have also been conducted in this regard. The results indicate that humans and animals tolerate it quite well.

how spermidine can have an effect in cosmetics as a rejuvenating agent

However, as with any dietary supplement, if side effects are observed, it is recommended to stop taking it immediately and consult a doctor. This brief report on the properties of Spermidine does not claim to be complete and is based on interpretation of research data, which by its nature is speculative. The data cannot replace consultation with your physician about which supplements are appropriate for you.