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Healthy nutrition in the home office: how to stay fit and productive

The Corona pandemic has sent thousands of employees into the home office – and many of them are now complaining about extra pounds. The way to the refrigerator is not far. Between e-mails and video conferences, the drawer with chocolate and snacks beckons. No easy task to maintain a healthy diet in the face of these temptations. With a few tricks, you can avoid the calorie trap and stay fit and productive even at your desk at home.

Home office needs structure – even when it comes to nutrition

healthy eating at home office is feasible

For most employees, working in a home office represents a completely new work situation and thus a special challenge. There is no daily contact with colleagues and no shared meals in the canteen or restaurant. This can have a negative impact on the employee’s mood, which often leads to frustrated eating.

take coffee break even in home office

Here, it helps to give structure to the workday by setting fixed times for meals. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or a coffee break, don’t stay at your computer; instead, change rooms. If cravings overtake you outside of mealtimes, go for a walk. The fresh air will take your mind off things and give you new energy for the rest of the workday. Yoga exercises can also help you beat cravings for sweets or salty foods.

Healthy eating starts with shopping

healthy eating starts with shopping

If your refrigerator or pantry is filled with junk food and sweets, there’s a good chance they’ll end up on your plate sooner or later. If you stock up on healthy foods when you go shopping, you won’t be tempted in the first place.

So that ready-made meals and the like don’t end up in your shopping cart at the supermarket, you should always have a shopping list with you. Before you go shopping, think about what healthy foods you would like to eat during the upcoming work week and compile your supplies on this basis.

Change the menu to “healthy

healthy diet meal plan important food

In the future, focus on fresh fruits and vegetables. Both are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Even frozen vegetables or fruits can be used to make healthy, delicious meals quickly and conveniently, even for those who don’t like to cook.

Protein-rich foods, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats are your most important allies in a healthy home office diet. They keep you full for a long time, are responsible for cell development and muscle maintenance, provide energy and promote concentration.

Particularly high in protein:
– Eggs
– curd cheese
– fish
– Legumes

When it comes to carbohydrates, you should prefer whole grain products. Whole-grain bread, pasta or rice cause the blood sugar level to rise only slowly – there is no sudden drop in performance as there is after eating white flour products. Furthermore, the dietary fibers contained in whole grains help to regulate intestinal activity.

Enrich your meals with good fats such as those found in rapeseed oil, linseed oil, nuts or fatty sea fish. They make an important contribution to a healthy diet, have an anti-inflammatory effect and can reduce the risk of various diseases.

Low-calorie drinking and smart snacking

Low calorie drinks for home office tea with lemon

Sugared soft drinks, coffee with cream, the after-work beer: Healthy nutrition in the home office stands and falls with the drinks. You should replace calorie bombs with sugar-free alternatives. Unsweetened herbal or fruit tea, coffee, and especially water are suitable thirst quenchers. If pure water is too boring for you, you can spice it up with lemons, limes, mint or ginger.

healthy diet fresh fruit snack for home office

If you can’t or don’t like to do without small snacks, you should exercise discipline. Instead of chocolate or cookies, health-conscious home office workers snack on fruit, a serving of nuts, dried fruit or dark chocolate. However, even these healthy treats should be enjoyed with caution. Divide snacks into small portions and don’t place them next to your computer!

Challenging, but doable

Tips for eating and working at home

Working from a home office is a completely new experience for many people. Understandably, healthy eating falls by the wayside at first. But once you’ve settled into your new work environment, you’ll find yourself back on the right nutrition track in the medium term. A well-thought-out stockpile with a focus on fruit, vegetables, protein, complex carbohydrates and high-quality fats helps to cleverly avoid calorie traps at the desk at home.