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Health: how to get through the winter stronger!

With the new year, winter remains with us. For our health, the long winter can become a challenge. Especially with the annual wave of flu , which usually begins in January and lasts two to three months. But with these tips for everyday living, we’ll head into spring full of pep.

Vitamin C especially important in winter

Pay attention to your health

With the health reporting of the federation to the health behavior and – endangerment in Germany show up with the Lifestyle the following points, on which humans can affect directly:

– Nutrition
– weight
– Physical activity
– tobacco consumption
– alcohol consumption
– drug use
– Addiction in general
– travel
– Other issues
Those who feel listless and are regularly plagued by the common cold will find problems in these areas of their daily lives.

Do not procrastinate

A well-stocked medicine cabinet is prepared for any emergency.

If you want to be healthy, you should pay attention to your own body’s signals. A small cold can become a problem. But if you clear your airways quickly enough with a nasal spray containing sea salt, you will avoid accumulations of mucus. Only with these come the subsequent inflammations in the upper respiratory tract. Sufficient drinking, enough sleep and relaxation in everyday life are further methods to prevent the development of major infections. With a well-stocked medicine cabinet, it is possible to react quickly. If you have nasal spray, painkillers, wound ointment, herbal cough syrup and plasters as well as other bandages in stock, you can act quickly in an emergency.

Tip: Don’t want the long waiting times at the pharmacy? Everything for the medicine cabinet and other high-quality products can be ordered from the online pharmacy

Sleep in Germany

The majority of Germans get up by seven o'clock on weekdays

An adult needs around eight hours of sleep. Not only the duration of sleep, but also the quality of sleep is crucial for feeling good during the day. A study by the health insurance company Techniker Krankenkasse shows that the majority of Germans go to bed between 10 p.m. and midnight, with a tendency toward 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. on workdays. The majority of Germans get up by seven o’clock on weekdays. The time window for sleep is sufficient for the majority of people. However, many Germans complain of problems falling asleep and staying asleep. Health experts report that healthy sleep begins within 30 minutes of lying down. After all, every seventh German needs longer to fall asleep. The reasons are many and varied.

Experts recommend fixed sleep routines to find it easier to fall asleep. This can be a short walk before going to bed or reading in bed. People who go to bed regularly at a fixed time fall asleep better than those with less fixed times. In addition, media consumption in the bedroom or immediately before sleep is discouraged. Two hours of media-free time before bedtime would be ideal. In addition, the environment is important for our sleep. A tidy and clean bedroom improves sleep quality. Room temperature is equally important. For example, a bedroom should not be overheated – the ideal temperature is 18 degrees.

reading in bed is a good sleep routine

Tips for healthy sleep

Experts recommend the following to improve sleep quality:

– consistent routines
– fixed times
– bedroom as a media-free zone
– two hours of media-free time before sleep
– not eating anything heavy in the evening
– temperature around 18 degrees in the bedroom

Healthy diet in winter

healthy winter salad with beetroot, pine nuts and clementine

Another important building block for health is nutrition. You don’t need a special diet or expensive foods to invest in your health. If you make sure you eat five portions of vegetables and fruit every day, you are well on the way to a healthy life. One serving is considered to be the contents of one palm. If you start the day with a fruit and vegetable smoothie in the morning, you have ticked off the first two portions. At noon or in the evening a salad and perhaps in between once again half a bell pepper as a snack and a banana – that’s all it takes every day. If you take care to prepare more fresh food, you will eliminate unnecessary additives from industrially produced food from your diet.

Tip: Don’t forget to drink – between two and three liters of fluid should be consumed by an adult.

Regular health checks

Diseases can be easily detected in the blood

We all like to neglect them, but checks with different doctors are simply crucial for early detection. Negative habits and illnesses quickly become apparent through one’s own blood values. This is the only way to take active countermeasures. It is therefore important that both women and men take their own health care seriously.

Tip: In our article with a table, we explain the individual blood values and what you can recognize from them.

Stay active

in order to stay fit for a long time, sufficient exercise in winter is important

To stay fit for a long time, it is important to get enough exercise in everyday life. This does not mean jogging for half an hour every day or cycling twenty kilometers. If you walk a few distances every day and take the stairs instead of the elevators, you already have a good foundation. If the workplace is a little further away, it is advisable to switch to a bicycle in the summer. Regular walks ensure a good mood, better blood pressure and a better heart rate in the long term. If you add fifteen minutes of yoga or gymnastics to your daily routine, you will maintain your own flexibility. Exercising once or twice a week in a favorite sport is also ideal for staying in shape.

Keeping an eye on stress

Finding means for stress reduction and targeted relaxation is important

Stress is held responsible for many modern diseases. Burn-out, depression or high blood pressure are associated with stress. A look at the personal load in everyday life is therefore useful. One’s own stress limit varies individually and should not be exceeded permanently. Since stress cannot be completely avoided, it is also a matter of finding means for stress reduction and targeted relaxation. A good way to reduce stress is exercise. Here, it is important that the type of exercise suits the individual. Those who don’t like to ride a bike should think about swimming or the treadmill rather than getting on a bike to relax. Meditation, qi gong, tae bo or yoga are all methods to specifically relax. If you try a little, you will quickly discover the optimal method for you.
Tip: You can find more suggestions in our article on stress reduction .

Pay attention to your own needs

If you want to be healthy in the long term, always keep an eye on yourself and your own needs

If you want to be healthy in the long term, you must always keep an eye on yourself and your own needs. A good mix of healthy habits and appropriate prevention, such as health checks at the doctor’s and the medicine cabinet, makes sense. That way, you can live a healthy and vibrant life.

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