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Get rid of neck pain: New workout device quickly strengthens neck muscles

More and more people spend countless hours every day at their computer or tablet. The majority adopt a posture with their head hanging down. Anyone who holds this position for a long time throughout the day risks muscle tension. However, the wrong strain can be corrected with gymnastics. A new exercise equipment should strengthen the back muscles and help us finally get rid of the annoying neck pain.

Get rid of neck pain: Strengthen back muscles through exercises with a new exercise machine

device for training neck muscles to prevent back and shoulder pain

A stiff neck, severely limited mobility in the neck and shoulder area: muscle tension can cause severe headaches and neck pain. The good news: you can counteract this. Exercises to strengthen the neck muscles prove to be very helpful. But not everyone has access to special health centers and exercise equipment. Neck tension can be relieved with heat, for example, a warm grain pillow. If the tense muscles press on the nerves, it can lead to nerve inflammation. In this case, the pain may increase if you treat it with a heating pad. Massage devices therefore prove to be the only way to relieve neck pain without medication for the majority of sufferers.

Neck tension musculature illustrations and training programs

But a new exercise device is set to change that. My Perfect Neck strengthens muscles and relieves pain. Anyone who exercises regularly with it can lead a pain-free life after just four weeks. At least that’s the promise of the manufacturer of the first prototype. She herself suffered from neck pain for many years, which intensified with age to such an extent that doctors wanted to operate on it. She was therefore desperately looking for an alternative. One day, in the gym, she saw a man with a well-toned body and proper posture. This inspired her to start her project. In the space of just a few weeks, she managed to produce the first prototype.

foldable training device against neck pain and tension

The training device offers many advantages:

  • It corrects head posture during training.
  • It scores with easy handling and can also be used by wheelchair users.
  • The device is very light and can be packed in a suitcase.
  • When folded, it takes up very little space and can easily be stored under the bed, in the closet or in the dresser.
  • You can’t do anything wrong while exercising and possibly damage muscles.

The inventor of the workout device is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. There seems to be a lot of interest, so the workout device will probably go into production sooner than expected.

Get rid of neck pain: These preventive measures should help prevent tension in the long run

prevent neck pain and tension

If you train your neck muscles every day, you can ensure that your neck pain does not return. It does not necessarily have to be an elaborate workout, often it is completely sufficient if they stand up in between and slowly tilt their head first to the left and right and then to the back and front.

A massage helps to relax the hardened muscles. Simply massage the neck and shoulder gently with circular movements. Press lightly on trigger points. Be careful that the massage does not trigger pain.

Most people are unaware that stress can trigger neck pain. However, tension can lead to tense muscles. That is why you should try to reduce everyday stress.

The training device in the project phase

get rid of neck pain the new training device with blueprint

Get rid of neck pain: The training device is foldable and takes up very little space

get rid of neck pain new training device for back muscles

The manufacturer promises quick results

New training device for neck muscles tips

Neck pain is often caused by muscle tension

Get rid of neck pain with new training device for strong neck muscles