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Get back in shape after pregnancy with sports and a healthy diet

Pregnancy is a very special phase in a woman’s life: Her body is home to a little person for nine months. During this time, it performs at its best, which does not leave it unscathed. A strained pelvic floor, stretch marks, extra weight and soft tissue are often the result. We explain how you can improve your pelvic floor after pregnancy with sport and a healthy diet.

Sports after pregnancy: Which sports are ideal for getting started?

Mother and baby exercise after pregnancy

When the baby is born, new mothers often have a lot to do. After some time, however, there is usually a desire to get back into shape. Certain exercises, a healthy diet and sufficient relaxation breaks help you to feel more comfortable in your own skin again.

In the first period after birth, the so-called postpartum period, sporting activities are taboo. The body needs these eight weeks to heal injuries and recover from the stresses and strains of childbirth. It is also a valuable phase of rapprochement and bonding between mother and baby.
Once you have regained your strength and want to get some exercise, walks are ideal to get your circulation going again. Gentle pelvic floor strengthening exercises, such as those described here , can also be incorporated fairly soon after birth. Pelvic floor exercises help alleviate mild bladder weakness that many women deal with after childbirth.

Do not overtax the body, gradually build up the muscles again.

exercise after birth what to watch out for do not overtax body useful tips

It is important not to overexert yourself and to always be mindful of your own body. The abdominal muscles are also often severely weakened by pregnancy. Sometimes a so-called rectus diastasis has developed, a small gap between the straight abdominal muscles. If you start training too early and too intensively, you risk making this gap even bigger and weakening the body even more. So, one should wait at least until after the postpartum period to start abdominal exercises and get the okay from the attending physician or health care provider. If the pelvic floor feels stable again, you can specifically rebuild your abdominal and back muscles. Gymnastic exercises, Pilates and yoga are particularly suitable for this.

Losing weight after pregnancy

what to eat after pregnancy to get fit

Most women gain between five and 18 kilograms during pregnancy. Of course, this weight does not disappear immediately after delivery. And it’s not just the belly that has grown – skin and tissue have stretched in most parts of the body. So it’s only normal that the body looks different after pregnancy than before. But through exercise and a healthy diet, it is possible to lose excess weight again .

Especially women who breastfeed their baby will notice that the body is doing real hard work. Up to an additional 500 kilocalories are consumed per day. Even though this is, of course, about taking care of the newborn baby, the weight loss that goes along with it is a welcome side effect for many women.

Healthy eating and not dieting: eating should not become a stress factor under any circumstances

proper nutrition after pregnancy

At the same time, it is important that fresh mothers also treat themselves lovingly if they are not in old shape within a few months. Everyday life with a newborn is often exciting and beautiful, but also intense and exhausting. So it’s hardly surprising if there isn’t always time to eat healthy, balanced meals or exercise. It is true that a healthy diet is an important building block for general well-being, because it provides the necessary energy to get through the day well. But eating should by no means be another stress factor that puts you under pressure.