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Why yoga is important for kids – The benefits of kids yoga at a glance.

In India, children’s yoga has been practiced for centuries; in contrast, Western countries, such as Germany, discovered children’s yoga only a few years ago. In the meantime, however, it is experiencing a real boom. Many studios offer yoga for children, some even specialized for kindergarten children and school children. But what exactly is children’s yoga and what is its purpose? It has positive influences and with good exercises it makes children so much fun.

Children’s yoga – why actually?

Mother and daughter do yoga together

Basically, children are already real yogis, because they usually don’t think much about the future or the past, but are in the here and now. When playing, they often sit in heel position, are naturally limber and, if possible, often run through the forest. With these insights, the question of why is even more insistent.

Children yoga outdoor tree position

There are very important reasons, because in this age of Netflix and digitalization, children spend quite a bit of time in front of a PC or tablet, smartphone or TV at an early age. The flow of information is frantic and increasing. Added to this are the demands of school and possibly stress in their free time, depending on how parents plan it. Children don’t have much time for themselves.

Why yoga is so important for children

With yoga, children benefit from movement and relaxation, and their own body awareness and motor skills develop positively. Yoga for children helps to create islands of calm. It trains sensory perception and children learn how to deal with emotions. In addition, yoga increases the ability to concentrate. Of particular note: yoga teaches that every child is perfect just as he or she is. It creates awareness that when children are authentic and go their own way, they can give the most to the world.

What is strengthened in children?

Musculature and movement ability strengthened during children's yoga

In addition to the benefits of children’s yoga already mentioned, there are many more reasons why yoga has a positive effect on children’s well-being. For example, yoga helps children reduce stress and they sleep better because they can relax more easily. The musculature and movement ability and thus the body development are improved. Attention and concentration are increased, as is self-confidence. Creativity and imagination are encouraged and the immune system is strengthened. Moods stabilize and yoga also promotes an improvement in the ability to deal with conflict. In addition, children get to know their own bodies and bodily functions.

Children's yoga and what it teaches children

So children’s yoga not only makes them flexible, it also supports their physical, emotional, mental and psychosocial development. Everything that we adults have to work hard for is easily given to children with yoga.

From what age is children’s yoga useful?

At what age is children's yoga useful

In principle, yoga can already be practiced with babies. Precisely because toddlers and babies basically imitate everything that mom and dad demonstrate. It corresponds to their everyday life, because in this way they learn to speak and their motor skills develop. The exercises then do not correspond to the actual meaning of yoga, but it is good for the babies to learn the movement sequences. In India, baby yoga has been used for a long time. It promotes motor and mental development and can be done very easily at home instead of in the studio.