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Train your legs in everyday life: strengthen your leg muscles on the road and at home with these tips!

We understand that with all the stress of everyday life, you don’t have much time for extra workouts. Endurance training in particular takes up quite a bit of time, as you have to allow a certain amount of time per workout before you start burning a good amount of calories. Just 15 minutes isn’t necessarily enough (although that’s still better than nothing), unless you opt for a HIIT workout. However, beginners or people who are already a few years out are especially looking for easier beginner variations. Well, how about just restructuring your daily routine a little bit and making it so that you always, whenever possible, put extra work on your muscles? We’ve already shown you how to strengthen your abs during your everyday tasks. Today, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to train your legs in the same way during your everyday life.

Everyday endurance for the legs on the road

Exercise legs in everyday life and on the road - Simple tips

You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to incorporate more exercise and small workouts into your everyday tasks when you’re away from home. Here are a few tips and ideas for exercising your legs on the go:

Walk or bike instead of drive

Walk to work instead of driving and reduce cellulite through endurance

Don’t like jogging at all? Then try adding more exercise to your daily tasks by walking. It doesn’t always have to be fast running, either. You can already train your legs in everyday life and lose weight if you simply always, if possible, leave the car at home and walk instead. Here you can calmly also choose a fast step. Or go for a walk more often after work. Fast walking can really be very effective.

Ride a bike instead of driving - Make your shopping or commute to work healthier

Would you like to train your legs in everyday life against cellulite ? Even then, this simple tip can work wonders. And if you also add weights like the grocery bags, you also give your body an extra challenge at the same time (but be careful, don’t overdo it with the weight to protect your back). For longer distances where walking would take too much time, you can also take the bike. Riding a bike also works your pom muscles at the same time and it’s fun!

Legs slimming workout – Move while you wait

Sure, in some situations where you’re waiting, it wouldn’t be very appropriate to walk back and forth (like in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or at the bank), but in situations where you can, just do it! At the bus or train stop, on the train track, or while waiting for your friend in town – just walk up and down instead of standing in one place. In doing so, you’ll increase your step count and the movement will burn a few extra calories.

On the bus, train and streetcar

Exercise legs on the bus or train - Balance with your muscles

Whether you’re sitting or standing, try to catch and balance every sway, jerk, and turn with your legs instead of just holding on with your arms (of course, you should still seek support with your arms in case you ever lose your balance). You will strengthen different muscle groups and especially the deep muscles – not only in your legs!

The classic: stairs instead of elevator

Exercise legs in everyday life with the stairs instead of elevator or escalator

Yes, we know… you probably can’t hear it anymore. But if you really want to train leg muscles on the side and get leaner in the process, well, this is a really effective method. Especially if you have to go to one of the upper floors every day anyway (be it your apartment or your office at work). We have already given you the same tip regarding abdominal training in everyday life, so that you also train other muscle groups at the same time. Want to turn it into a little strength training by increasing the intensity? Take it two levels at a time!

Exercising legs at home or in the office

How do you get lean legs in everyday life when you are at home or in the office? After all, there aren’t that many ways to move back and forth. However, especially people who work in a seated position need every extra movement. So what can you do at home and in a few minutes if you want to exercise your legs?

Don’t stand around pointlessly while brushing your teeth

Exercise your legs in everyday life - Strengthen your muscles while brushing your teeth

You brush your teeth and at the same time do something good for your thighs (and waist, by the way): To do this, simply stand on one leg and let the other one always swing from left to right, sometimes swinging it in front of the other one, sometimes behind it. Feel free to hold onto the sink or the wall if you feel too insecure. After 10 repetitions, do the same exercise for the other thigh.

Exercising legs at your desk during everyday life

Strengthen leg muscles at your desk while working with simple exercises

Take a few minutes to exercise your leg muscles every now and then during work hours. You don’t even have to get up if you want to exercise your legs. For example, do the following: Assume a straight-backed position on your chair with your legs at right angles on the floor, then…

  • …lift your legs in this pose (at right angles) and hold them in the air for a moment. Then put them down again. Repeat this as many times as you like. You can also use a small ball, towel or pillow between your knees for this exercise and squeeze your knees together while they are in the air.
  • …Lift them up and stretch them out straight.

Each of these exercises trains the abdominal muscles at the same time.

Move as often as you can and strengthen the whole body