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Skipping Rope Workout – How to train endurance, strength and flexibility for the whole body at home.

The good old skipping rope is actually an ingenious, mobile and inexpensive full-body workout tool that allows you to train your endurance, strength and agility. Of course, it also burns a lot of calories, about the same as jogging, swimming or tennis. You train with your own body weight and work all muscle groups at the same time. Even professional athletes incorporate it into their athletic training programs and benefit from it. What you need to bring is motivation and the will to learn how to do it. If you can’t muster the motivation yet, the jump rope workout is helpful for this as well – a little fun is a must – even more so when training.

Jump rope workout: what is trained?

Outdoors in the park jump rope

Jump rope workout belongs to plyometric training. This is high-speed strength training and includes everything that has to do with jumping or bouncing. It is particularly effective for quickly building muscle and increasing endurance. In professional athletic training it is used to improve jumping strength, coordination and reactivity. Athletes of almost all disciplines can benefit from it. Amateur athletes also notice, for example, that they run more easily as a result of jump rope training. This happens because leg muscles are built, tendons become stronger and muscle coordination improves – running performance is economized.

Which is the right skipping rope for me?

Jump Rope Workout Try

Skipping ropes are available in different materials. Which one is right for you depends on your level of training.

  • Beginners – If you are just starting out with jumping, look for a textile, braided jump rope. This is slower to turn and gives you more control during execution.
  • Medium – Opt for a jump rope made of PVC or leather. These ropes are lightweight and they can reach a higher speed for eventual speed training.
  • Advanced – If you are an experienced speed jumper, you should choose a speed rope. These are made of lightweight PVC material and have ball bearings incorporated into the handles so you can spin even faster.

How do I properly adjust the jump rope length?

Proper jump rope length

  • You should pick a jump rope that is about 60 cm to 90 cm longer than your height.
  • Unpack the rope and stand in front of a mirror with it.
  • Take the rope handles in your hands and stand with both feet on the rope.
  • There should be about 1 foot width between your feet.
  • Now move your hands, holding the rope handles, along your body, up towards your shoulders until the rope is taut.
  • They should be so, with the rope taut to the shoulder. So you have discussed the correct length.

How to jump rope correctly

Skipping Rope Workout Athletic Workout

Proper posture and execution is also crucial when jumping rope, as well as athletic exercises in general. This helps to get the most benefit and avoid injury. Even if at first they feel they can’t muster the proper coordination, the exercise will help them train themselves to do it. Keep your body tense and control your movements. Don’t form a hollow back with your back, but pull the crown of your pelvis forward to avoid back injuries .

Skipping rope training in professional sports

During the exercise, keep your elbows close to the sides of your body. The twisting motion should be controlled by the wrists, not the elbows. Jump just high enough to get over the rope and avoid the extra hop. For now, practice the two-legged jump until it feels confident and you can sustain it for 2 minutes before trying other, more exotic jumps.

Workout with the skipping rope for beginners

Jump rope workout at home Fit

The workout for beginners aims to build confidence, consistency and coordination first. Jump Biped. Try to do it 3 times a week until they gain enough coordination and confidence:

Jump Rope Workout 1

Jump rope workout at the gym

  • 1st set: 15 jumps – 30 seconds rest
  • 2nd set: 25 jumps – 30 seconds rest
  • 3rd set: 35 jumps – 30 seconds rest
  • 4th set: 25 jumps – 30 seconds rest
  • 5th set: 15 jumps – 30 seconds rest

Jump Rope Workout 2 – Interval Workout

Jump rope interval workout with breaks exercises.

When you feel confident with Workout 1, after 3 – 5 workouts at the earliest, try Workout 2. This workout lasts 7 minutes and you can use it to warm up before a workout or to warm down after a workout. 2 rounds, 3 times per week:

  • 1st set : 30 seconds jump – 30 seconds rest.
  • 2nd set: 45 seconds jump – 45 seconds rest
  • 3rd set: 60 seconds jump – 60 seconds rest
  • 4th set: 45 seconds jump – 45 seconds rest
  • 5th set: 30 seconds jump – 30 seconds rest


Skipping Rope Workout Athletes

Whenever movement occurs in combination with speed, the risk of accident increases – for yourself and also for third persons. Since the rope may be spinning very fast, please make sure there is enough free space around you. It is very important to make sure that there is no child around who could be injured. This also applies to pets. Since jumping rope can be very intense, please talk to your doctor in advance and clarify whether this training method is suitable for you if you are taking medication or have a medical condition.