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Postpartum exercises – at home during the postpartum period

The moment when the child is born is one of the most beautiful moments in life for every mother. They are also very difficult moments, as childbirth itself requires a lot of energy and effort, is associated with physical pain and changes a lot both in life and in the appearance of the woman. In order to not only quickly return to pre-pregnancy shape, but also to relieve any pain and relax, the exercises for women in postpartum should be performed regularly. Understandably, it is best if it is the exercises at home, since the time after birth and the little baby by your side are not favorable for exits to the gym or fitness club. So get to know our suggestions for exercise series at home for women after childbirth.

Return to physical activity after childbirth – can you exercise in the postpartum period?

Return to physical activity after childbirth

Physical activity is extremely important at any stage of our life, regardless of the age or situation we are in. Thanks to it we can take care of our health and life, but the right adaptation of the type and form of activity to our possibilities is the prerequisite for it. For sure, we already know about the benefits of regular exercise during pregnancy, as women’s awareness in the area is definitely greater nowadays than it was a few years ago. In contrast, there is still little talk about the right amount of exercise even after giving birth. Perhaps it is because so few people need constant care. Nevertheless, we must remember that the health and happiness of the mother is just as important here.

Exercises to get fit again after childbirth

Remaining kilograms, flabby skin on the abdomen, clefts or cellulite, plus back, spine, joint, head or abdominal pain, and also problems with urinary incontinence or excessive tension of the perineal and pelvic muscles – these are just a few complaints that affect the majority of women after pregnancy and childbirth. However, physical activity and exercises dedicated to women after pregnancy can mitigate or even completely eliminate the occurring discomfort and help improve the state of life, as well as well-being and appearance.
However, many women wait before starting the exercises. Most often it follows from ignorance and conviction that activity in the postpartum period is inadvisable and even dangerous. In most cases, they are not right – postpartum exercises are already recommended if there are no medical instructions to the contrary for their execution and the woman feels able to do them. Of course, every woman must discuss the exercises in detail with her doctor and seek advice in this regard.

Exercises at home on the wall bars after childbirth

Postpartum exercises ideas with wall bars for home fitness

When we talk about the physical activity in the postpartum, of course, we mean simple exercises that use appropriate muscle groups. In order to be able to perform the exercises in a safe and comfortable way, it would be good if the new mother provides the equipment that will make it easier for her. The multifunctional BenchK wall bars is the best equipment for exercising at home, even for the women in the postpartum period. This product allows a wide range of activities, customized to each person’s needs and capabilities. In addition, the wall bars does not take up much space and modern design causes that it can be mounted in any room, and in addition it gives it a positive charm and incredible character. And most importantly, the whole family can exercise on it – it perfectly replaces the children’s playground and the home gym.

Wall bars exercises for pregnant women to do yourself at home

Let’s come back to the exercises – below we present sample exercises for women in postpartum, which can be performed at home with the use of multifunctional BenchK wall bars. Always consult your doctor before performing them.

Tightening the muscles of the uterus

It is a simple exercise that we should start our postpartum activity with. To perform it, you should lie on your back against the wall bars in such a way that you can hang your feet on their lowest rung and your legs are slightly bent at the knees. Fold your hands behind your head, tighten your uterine muscles and slightly lift your head in the direction of your knees. Stay in the position for a moment, then relax the muscles and come back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise in a few series, with short breaks in between.

Supported squats

Wall bars for postpartum exercises ideas for home fitness

Wall bars BenchK 713 W

Stand in a slight straddle backwards to the wall bars and grasp the rung at head level with the hands. The exercise consists in performing a squat with simultaneous tightening of the uterine muscles, until the moment of full extension of the arms at the elbows. The exercise should be treated conscientiously, as it is the quality and not quantity that counts here.

Hang on the wall bars

Hang on the wall bars after birth exercises get fit again

The next exercise is for the abdominal muscles, especially the oblique abdominal muscle, which was particularly stressed during pregnancy. To do it, stand backwards to the wall bars, then grab the bar above your head with both hands so that you can do a loose hang without touching the floor. It is so-called dead hang, in which we have to hold out for a few seconds, thinking about the tense muscles and straight spine. Then we support ourselves on the rung and come back to the starting position. As long as the doctor allows it, you can also spread the exercise by adding the element of lifting your legs as close to your chest as possible when you are in the slope.
Postpartum exercises are advisable for every woman. If they are performed regularly and accurately, then they will bring expected results – we will not only feel better, but will also clearly look better. The wall bars is a device that effectively helps to achieve the goal.