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Make your own fitness advent calendar: These 24 exercises will keep you in top shape in December!

Juicy cookies, aromatic mulled wine and crispy roast goose from the oven – can you already feel Christmas in your nose? But as beautiful as the Christmas season is, it often puts us to the test when it comes to our diet and fitness. Of course, Christmas is first and foremost about having fun and enjoying time with our loved ones. A few sweets are guaranteed not to kill us and in 1-2 weeks we won’t get fat either. But just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean we should just lie on the couch and stuff everything inside. A fitness advent calendar is a great way to enjoy the following holidays while making sports progress. Whether you want to help yourself or someone else reach their fitness goals, the following 24 exercises will help you stay fit and healthy in December.

What’s the point of a workout plan as a fitness advent calendar?

Fitness advent calendar with exercises craft in december stay fit tips

An advent calendar is always a nice gesture and shortens the waiting time until the holidays. We all know and love the typical chocolate advent calendars full of goodies. After all, who can say “no” to chocolate? But this year, for a change, how about giving a fitness calendar that will ensure you stay fit and healthy? You know how it is – many people often lack the initial impetus and with a training plan with 24 exercises, you can finally get things rolling.

how many calories in burpees exercises for fitness advent calendar

If you know the presentee very well and know what he likes, then you can also easily put together the exercises for the fitness advent calendar yourself. Does he like yoga? Or would he enjoy an effective shoulder workout? But if you’re a newbie to the fitness world yourself, then you’ll be well advised with our workout plan. And the best part? The Advent calendar consists only of deadlift exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime, so there are no more excuses. What’s the reward for completing the healthy holiday challenge? Strength. Perseverance. Flexibility and maybe a little sanity. You’ll learn to love your body and enjoy all the deliciousness in moderation and without guilt.

24 exercises and ideas for the fitness advent calendar.

stretching exercises full body fitness advent calendar with exercises ideas

To help you stay in shape in December, you’ll find strength, endurance and stretching exercises in our Fitness Advent Calendar. Do the challenge on the assigned day and have fun doing it. If you miss one, just complete two challenges the next day – or pick up where you left off. We’re sure this Fitness Advent Calendar will help you stay motivated this holiday season and start the new year stronger than you are now.

December 1 and 2

lateral plank execution fitness advent calendar with 24 exercises

  • December 1 – Do Side-Plank for 1 minute each side and lift the top leg for the last 15 seconds of the exercise.
  • Dec 2 is for a stretching exercise for the back. Lie on the floor with your legs extended and pull your knees toward your chest. Grasp the knees with both hands and pull them as close to the chest as possible. Hold for 15-20 seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat for a total of 2 minutes.

December 3 and 4

Wall sit exercise benefits fitness advent calendar craft ideas

  • December 3 is all about relaxation. Treat yourself to a massage to relieve stress or treat yourself to a spa day at home.
  • December 4 – Get into the Christmas spirit by doing the wall-sitting exercise to your favorite Christmas song. To do this, lean your back against the wall and turn your feet slightly outward. Slide down the wall with your back straight until your upper and lower legs form a right angle. Hold the position the whole time and try not to move!

December 5 and 6

Plank with shoulder pats fitness advent calendar craft ideas

  • On December 5, we will train the abdominals with a Plank workout. For this, do low plank, left side plank, plank with shoulder taps, right side plank and high plank for 1 minute each and 10-15 seconds rest between exercises.
  • December 6 is cardio day. Do high-knees, jumping jacks and butt-kicks for 1 minute each. Repeat the sequence once for a total of 6 minutes.

December 7 and 8 Fitness Advent Calendar.

stay fit in december tips workout plan as fitness advent calendar ideas

  • December 7 is Cooking Day – Plan and prepare healthy lunches for the entire week. For a few ideas, check out our Meal Prep Plan for Weight Loss .
  • December 8 – Do 8 star jumps and 8 tricep dips and repeat everything a total of 8 times.

December 9 and 10

Yoga exercises for beginners fitness advent calendar craft ideas

  • December 9 is time for stretching. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and point your toes outward. Squat deeply and grasp the ends of the toes with your hands. Follow up by extending your legs while still holding on and holding the position for 5-6 seconds. Squat again and repeat for a total of 3 sets of 9 repetitions each.
  • December 10 – Our fitness advent calendar is much more than just exercises. Make a list of 10 things you love about yourself. Physical, mental – anything goes.

December 11 and 12

dead weight workout to lose weight fitness advent calendar craft ideas

  • Dec. 11 – Do 11 lunges one way, then 11 squats and 11 lunges the other way. Add weights to increase the difficulty.
  • On December 12, count down the 12 days with an ab workout. Do 12 crunches, 11 sit-ups, 10 standing crunches, 9 pelvic raises (glute bridge), 8 bicycle crunches, 7 push-ups, 6 Russian twist, 5 leg raises, 4 mountain climbers, 3 burpees, 2 plank hip dips and 1 minute of low plank.

December 13 and 14

how to stay in shape during the holidays sports advent calendar craft ideas

  • December 13 – Host a 10-minute dance party with Christmas carols and don’t stop moving your feet! Not a dancer? Alternate between butt kicks, high knees and skater jumps instead.
  • December 14 – Limit yourself to just ONE treat this weekend. That could be either delicious Weight Watchers cookies or a cocktail – you can’t have both.

December 15 and 16

Yoga for beginners exercises fitness advent calendar ideas

  • December 15 – Do 5 burpees, 10 deep squats and 15 standing crunches. Repeat 3 times.
  • December 16 – Do 3 sets of each 16 push-ups.

December 17 and 18

Fitness advent calendar ideas how to stay fit during the holidays

  • Dec. 17 – Do a digital detox and put your phone away at 5 p.m. and don’t touch it until the next morning.
  • Dec. 18 – Go outside for 18 minutes of jogging or power walking.

Dec. 19 and 20

abdominal workout for beginners workout plan as fitness advent calendar give away

  • Dec. 19 – Give up all added sugar for 24 hours and see how it makes you feel.
  • December 20 – Do 20 squats with jumps and complete 3 sets total.

December 21 and 22 – You’re almost done with the fitness advent calendar.

how to lose steps a day fitness advent calendar ideas

  • December 21 – Do Plank Up-Downs for 21 times each arm. To do this, get into the Plank position and position forearms on the floor with elbows under shoulders. Stretch your legs back, keeping your back straight, and press up with one arm. Retract the other arm and then support yourself off the floor with both arms.
  • December 22 – Take at least 15,000 steps while running last minute Christmas errands.

December 23 and 24 – Fitness advent calendar done!

Fitness advent calendar with exercises yoga benefits for beginners

  • December 23 – Hold the cobra pose for a total of 23 seconds. Lie on your stomach and lift your upper body off the ground as far as possible. Point your head up and hold the position.
  • December 24 – Do a total of 24 squats with lunges and enjoy the evening with your family!

workout plan for fitness advent calendar ideas how to stay fit at christmas