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Learn Pole Dance: these benefits will convince you of this attractive and effective sport!

More and more people are striving to do sports on a regular basis – once for the sake of their health, but also as a balance to their stressful everyday lives. And the variety of sports, equipment and exercises also offers the right thing for really everyone. If the gym is too boring for you, you can simply go cycling or inline skating. Those who don’t have a park nearby simply go to Zumba dancing or train in a martial art. If you want to spare your joints and don’t like sweaty exercises, you can go swimming. A particularly interesting type of sport and fitness, which combines the beautiful art of acrobatics and dance with strength training for the whole body, can be combined both in a studio and at home – pole dancing! We will introduce you to this remarkable sport and all the reasons why pole dancing is so beneficial.

Where does pole dancing come from?

Learn Pole Dance - These are the benefits of the dance sport.

When you think of a pole, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the strip club, after all, this is the most famous way of using it. For this reason, pole dancing brings with it prejudices – they are just part of lewd shows, degrading to women and not for “good girls”. However, this kind of acrobatics has a completely different origin. It originates from Asia and has been practiced there for centuries, mainly by men. The so-called “Chinese Pole”, for example, is a hard discipline in the Chinese circus – and this long before women integrated it into their strip shows in America in the 50s. Today this sport is getting more and more its original associations back and is practiced in more and more studios and by more and more women and also men.

Pole dance increases self-confidence in men and women

How does pole dancing work?

In principle, the name already reveals what it is all about. You perform dance and acrobatic movements around and on a pole. This can be clamped between the ceiling and the floor, or it can stand freely on a platform.

Advantages of Pole Dance Fitness

Take pole dancing class or practice at home

The advantages of this supple and attractive dance sport are numerous and have a positive effect both physically and mentally. Apart from the fact that it promotes social contacts, it also brings the following benefits and even with a huge portion of fun!

You can lose weight

Acrobatics and artistic dance combined in a fun sport

It may not be a surprise that you can lose weight with pole dancing, after all it’s the same with any sport. The calorie consumption is nevertheless impressive, because depending on how long you train and in what style, you can come to a consumption of up to 400 kcal. Of course, the weight loss effect is only possible if you also eat healthy. And the diet is also very important for muscle building.

Weight training that exercises all muscles

Build muscle and strength with pole dancing

The smooth movements of pole dancers give the impression that they are super easy. But this impression is deceptive, because in reality, a great deal of strength is required (and encouraged!). Thus, pole dance training is perfect if you want to build strength and muscles.

Pole Dance – what is trained?

The main focus is on the upper body – shoulders, arms, abdomen and hip flexors are strengthened. Not to forget the grip strength, which is greatly improved. Since all the muscles are very heavily used, a warm-up program is mandatory ! And that conveniently burns a few extra calories at the same time.

Improves flexibility and coordination

Anyone can do pole dancing, even beginners in sports and fitness

Every conceivable direction the body has to take when dancing on the pole and this improves flexibility. Those who have practiced yoga and/or Pilates before will have a slightly easier time with this. Also accompanying the pole course, these two practices as well as stretching exercises prove to be very useful and supportive.

Those who attend a course will sooner or later learn one or another choreography. And such choreographies promote coordination, balance and more or less even train memory.

Increases self-confidence

Yoga and Pilates are good combo partners to pole dance

In order for the body to adhere well to the slippery pole, pole dancing clothes turn out to be a bit skimpy. This is quite unfamiliar to many ladies at first, and some don’t feel comfortable doing it at first. But this quickly changes, because with each new skill acquired, each new move and each beautiful pose and different figures, your self-confidence will increase. Bruises, charmingly called “pole kisses”, are also part of the experience and should in no way be considered a flaw.

Who is pole dancing suitable for?

Poledance is also suitable for beginners

Accordingly, this sport is perfect for those who are looking for all these things and also bring the necessary motivation for it. Even beginners may dare and completely without any prerequisites. You should attend a pole dancing course for beginners and also make sure that you are professionally supervised. There you will be shown and taught exercises for pole dancing for beginners and the sport will be introduced step by step and completely according to your needs.

Pole dance improves flexibility and coordination

Is pole dancing difficult and how long does it take to learn pole dancing?

If you haven’t done much exercise before, you might need a bit longer to build up enough muscle and get used to the moves. There is also a certain amount of pain at the pressure points, but this will pass with time. With the right will, anyone can make great progress. So how quickly this occurs depends on many factors – your personal fitness level already at the beginning, how much time you invest afterwards to practice and of course the individual disposition. But once you fall in love with this sport, you won’t hesitate for long to buy a pole dance pole for your home – if you have enough space.

Improve fitness by building muscle and improving endurance