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Fit through strength and cardio training: flatter your figure and stay healthy with targeted training.

Fitness and looking good are important issues, especially for young people. Keeping in shape not only serves a good figure, but also helps to reduce the risk factors for various diseases. Targeted training increases endurance, builds muscle mass and thus leads to less damage to the musculoskeletal system in the long term. Back problems in particular, one of the most common widespread diseases, can be sensibly prevented by proper training. And only in a healthy body lives also a healthy spirit. Exercise and fresh air are also good for the soul. Therefore, it is also important for untrained people to get rid of their lethargy and to start a new, better life with the right sporting activity.

Weight training as an effective remedy for back pain

Strength training is important for men and women

The choice of activities knows no limits. Of course, everyone should choose the sport that promises the most fun. Because without fun, regular training often becomes torture and usually does not remain sustainable. For beginners, it can make sense to do a kind of trial training in a gym to test where their own preferences lie without any obligation. Strength training can be a good start, since the weights and thus the load can be ideally dosed and thus no overstraining occurs. Training with dumbbells and weights is so popular because it burns a lot of calories on the one hand and builds muscle mass on the other. This not only looks good, but stabilizes the entire body and leads to better posture and thus fewer back problems.

Strength training with dumbbells against back problems

In combination with a healthy, protein-rich diet, regular strength training makes successes visible very quickly. If you want to avoid going to the gym, you can also set up your own training center at home with a few pieces of equipment. Both options certainly have their advantages. Especially for beginners, however, it is certainly helpful to train under professional guidance at first, as incorrectly performed exercises can cause problems.

Running as a way of life

Running makes fit and healthy

As an alternative to weight training, but also as an accompaniment, targeted cardio training is recommended. Running, in particular, is the ideal introductory sport for many people, since hardly any equipment worth mentioning is required, the load can also be increased step by step, and successes can be seen very quickly here, too. Depending on body weight and intensity of the run, between 600 and 900 calories can be burned per hour. But here too, a sensible diet is essential if the goal is to reduce weight.

Run and walk moderate workout

But running is so much more than just a means to a (weight loss) end. Running is almost a way of life. Admittedly, this feeling only sets in when a certain level is reached and not every run ends with a high red head and hammering pulse. It is therefore especially important for beginners to start with very moderate training. Experts recommend alternating between walking for one minute and running for one minute. If you stay on the ball here, i.e. run at least twice, preferably three times a week, you will be able to sustain a ten-kilometer run within a few months. From this level, even a half marathon is no longer an unattainable goal.

Running outside in summer cardio workout

But the beauty of running is that it is not at all necessary to set goals. If you jog through the woods early in the morning on a glorious summer’s day while the birds are chirping, you’ll quickly realize that the path is the real goal.

Running as a way of life Jogging in the park