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Fit in winter: Work out at home without a fully equipped home gym

Good-weather athletes don’t have it easy in winter. Especially when the winter is gray and wet. At the latest then it is difficult for many to motivate themselves and to do sports in the fresh air. The urge is great to stay at home, where it is cozy and warm. How can you use this urge and turn it into activity? Very few of us have a fully equipped home gym at our disposal. What sports can be done at home and what equipment is needed for them ?

Fighting the winter blues: setting goals

Exercise at home in winter

Exercise is good for your health. The medical journal has compiled studies that prove the benefits of sports activity on health. Now that we know that exercise is healthy, all you have to do is manage to motivate yourself. Winter and the blues that come with it are perfect for small projects at home. Have you always wanted to master the splits, a handstand, that one difficult yoga pose, 100 push-ups or tone your butt? Winter is the perfect time to do it! When the days are dark gray and depressing, small successes help boost your happiness. So set a goal that you want to achieve in five to six months. What types of training and related goals can you choose?

Strength training

Train arms at home with resistance bands

Strength training at home sounds like a contradiction, because most people practice strength training at the gym. However, with some simple tools, it can be trained at home. A training plan should form the basis of strength training. Divide the five main exercises into five days of the week. This way, you will have trained the entire body in five days, and with muscle soreness guaranteed.

Day 1: Chest

Exercise: 10 to 30 push-ups of 3 sets each

Increase from week to week and set new goals. Start with the maximum number of push-ups you can personally do and increase from week to week.

Strength training exercises chest workout

Day 2: Legs

Exercise: 10 to 30 squats with resistance band, 3 sets each.

A resistance band is needed for this exercise. Stand wide with both legs on the inside of the band and place the opposite side of the band on your shoulders. The band will push your shoulders down and create resistance as you squat. You are simulating a weightlifting bar and making the squat a few pounds more difficult. Now perform the squats at your own pace with maximum repetitions.

You can find more exercises with the fitness band here.

Day 3: Shoulders

Exercise: 10 to 15 PIKE push-ups à 3 sets

Bend forward from the hips with the legs straight and place the hands on the floor about one meter in front of you. The head forms a line with the spine, the gaze is directed to the legs. Bend arms and lower torso, repeat.

What equipment for a home workout

Day 4: Back

Exercise: 1 to 10 pull-ups of 3 sets each.

For this exercise you will need a metal bar that you can attach elevated, or a bar to snap between the door frame. Many women find the pull-up difficult because of their anatomy: perfect to record progress.
Those who have space can think about buying a rowing machine . With a rowing machine, the back is trained efficiently and optimally. Goodbye back pain!

Day 5: Arms

Exercise: 10 to 15 biceps curls with resistance band à 3 sets

Stand wide in the resistance band. With both hands grasp the other end of the band and in a controlled movement pull the band towards your chin, this movement is repeated until the muscle is clearly felt.


Cardio exercises for home workout

Not only strength training can be done comfortably from home. Simply install one of the countless, mostly free, apps and perform the endurance programs there. Whether with jumping or without, small spaces or other limitations, the choice is varied.


Staying fit in winter with yoga at home

Do you like to take it easy? Then a YouTube yoga tutorial is a good choice. Enthusiastic yogis guide you through the program and give valuable tips on how to perform each exercise and pose . Set your sights on one of the many poses. Maybe the Frog Pose, the Splits or the Crow Pose? The poses are always eye-catching!