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Exercise abdominal muscles in everyday life: just integrate these exercises while you do your tasks!

No time for extensive sports? Then try to at least integrate more exercise into your everyday life. Multitasking is the name of the game – then you can also train your body on the side while you do your normal tasks like brushing your teeth or shopping. Would you like to work your abdominal muscles a little more often? You can even do that by taking the stairs instead of the elevator. We explain how exactly to work out your abs at home and on the go, without investing a lot of effort and time. But then no more excuses!

Standing on one leg to strengthen muscles

Train abdominal muscles in everyday life - tips and tricks

Surely you have to do something standing up from time to time, be it cooking, folding laundry or brushing your teeth. You can also train your abdominal muscles by simply standing on one leg instead of both. However, it is important that you do not lean to the side. Keep your upper body straight, because this is the only way to activate your abdominal muscles. You may even feel them tense up.

Stand on one leg while brushing teeth and strengthen abdominal muscles

This tip is great if you want to train lateral abdominal muscles. At the same time, however, the muscles in the back area also work, so that you stabilize the spine quite incidentally. Hold the stance on one leg for 5 seconds and switch sides. Repeat this three times. After some time, you can then increase the time and increase your performance.

How to train my abdominal muscles at home – Side Planks on the wall.

Also while standing, you can perform this exercise. Support yourself with your elbow against the wall (for example, while brushing your teeth). Your legs stand a little further away from the wall (like a wooden plank leaning against a wall). Make sure your body is really straight and your hips don’t sink inward over time. The further you move your legs away from the wall, the more intense the tension becomes (don’t overdo it with the incline, though, so you don’t suddenly slip away). You can also slightly lift the inner foot for this purpose.

This exercise is super if you want to train the oblique abdominal muscles, among others. Not only walls are suitable for support, but also other stable surfaces such as the kitchen counter or a higher table. Are you waiting for your sauce to boil? Then perform a side plank in the meantime!

Pelvic exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles

Side planks on the wall or countertop for the lateral abdominal muscles

Think of the pelvis as a weight that you want to lift using your abdominal muscles. So, you can perform it anytime in your daily life when you are standing straight. More specifically, here you are trying to tilt the pelvis slightly. Don’t worry, it’s not as flashy as it may sound, so you can do it in public as well. Focus on your pelvic bones (the protruding ones) and lift them forward, as if you were trying to bend them toward your chest. This will allow you to work the muscles in the pelvic area in particular, but also the upper abs. Five sets should be enough to start. After some time, increase the number.

Train lateral abdominal muscles with the stairs

Exercising abdominal muscles on the go in everyday life - climbing stairs without handrails

If you want to do something good for your body in everyday life, take the normal stairs instead of the elevator or escalator . This in itself is nothing new, but what you may not have known is that you can even strengthen muscles in your abdomen while doing so – provided you don’t hold onto the banister. With each step, the lateral muscle groups tense up, always alternating between the right and the left. Is this intensity not enough for you? Then simply skip one step at a time and take two at a time.

Additional weights strengthen the muscles in the abdomen

Exercise abdominal muscles while carrying shopping bags

And if you also carry your shopping while climbing the stairs, this tenses the muscles even more. Now don’t pack yourself like a donkey with multiple bags. That could lead to injuries. Take it slowly at first and take only one shopping bag, which you always switch to the other hand after five steps. To increase, you can eventually increase the number of steps and, if your abdominal muscles are well trained, carry two bags at the same time. Of course, you also benefit from the shopping bags in your hand during normal walking and not only when climbing stairs (which, by the way, also trains legs and buttocks).

Exercising abdominal muscles while sitting

Lifting the pelvis while standing on the bus or waiting in line

Even if you work while sitting, you can do something for your muscles. If you are looking for upper and lower abs exercises, leg raises are a great option. You sit up straight on the chair with your legs on the floor at a 90-degree angle. Now, depending on your fitness level, you can start by lifting the bent leg. If you are more trained, the leg can also be extended forward to increase the weight you have to lift.

Strengthen muscles in the abdomen while sitting with leg raises

Hold the lifted leg in the air for five seconds, after which you slowly lower it again. Then repeat on the other side. To intensify the exercise over time, you can easily increase the number of seconds or lift both legs at the same time. The important thing is to keep breathing while doing this and don’t accidentally hold your breath. Can you feel the tension in your stomach?

Speaking of “breathing”, you can exercise your abdominal muscles even while breathing. If you completely really completely exhale the air with each breath, the muscles in your abdomen will tighten all by themselves. If you do this consciously, you can also hold your breath for a few seconds after exhaling before inhaling again. By holding, you additionally strengthen the muscles.

Exercising abdominal muscles while doing everyday tasks at home