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Acro Yoga Exercises – Learn what it is, including 4 easy poses for beginners with partner.

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for some time or are just considering it, you may have already come across the term “acroyoga”. But what is it all about? How is it different from the well-known yoga and can you try it even as a beginner? We would like to briefly introduce you to this style today, and afterwards we will also give you a few Acro Yoga exercises that are quite simple and that you can try out if you are curious.

What is Acro Yoga?

What is Acro Yoga - The features of this interesting yoga style

Acrobatic Yoga is a style of yoga. However, it was not developed hundreds of years ago in the Middle East, but in the USA by professionalists Jenny Sauer-Klein and Jason Nemer. The typical Acro Yoga exercises combine other elements besides the usual breathing techniques, including dance, acrobatics and even massage elements. An important point is also that these yoga exercises are performed in pairs, which makes the whole thing even more attractive and, above all, more social. Strictly speaking, a third person is also involved (although not necessarily). This person has the task to give assistance and to look at the poses from the side to make any corrections.

Acrobatic exercises for two

Perform simple yoga exercises indoors or outdoors

So for Acro Yoga exercises you need at least one partner. One of you two is the so called Base, supporting the other person, the Flyer/Flyer in his poses. Experienced people don’t necessarily need the spotter (observer), but beginners in particular are better off letting you guide them in this new experience. Base and flyer usually alternate if they are of the same sex. In the male-female combo, on the other hand, it is usually the case that the male, who is stronger and heavier, takes the role of base.

Is the style more calm or dynamic?

Acro Yoga exercises can be calm or dynamic

Both. Namely, there is the therapeutic, as well as the acrobatic variety. In the former, the Acro Yoga exercises are performed slowly and calmly, the focus is on stretching the body – but in the air (e.g. Lunar Acro Yoga). The second variation is more dynamic and includes elements to improve balance, coordination and body tension (e.g. Solar Acro Yoga). In both cases, however, the partner yoga exercises require trust in the partner – an important prerequisite.

Are the Acro Yoga exercises suitable for beginners?

Acro Yoga exercises bring many benefits

Yes, because there is a wide variety of poses and movements, including both simple and more challenging variations. However, it is important that you are otherwise physically healthy. Nevertheless, it is advisable for beginners to first approach the techniques in a course and get advice to familiarize themselves with the basics and minimize the risk of injury. A trainer can then also better assess what level you are at and select the right techniques and yoga exercises for you .

The many benefits

Front Plank is a simple acroyoga pose for beginners

By now, everyone knows that properly performed yoga exercises are generally very good for your health. This style of yoga is no exception. Apart from the fact that the breathing techniques strengthen the lungs and provide your body with a good portion of oxygen, you also do a lot of good for your body feeling. You’ll improve your flexibility, strengthen your muscles, and in turn, your strength.

Acro Yoga exercises for two for beginners

Front Plank

You may even know this pose and have done it many times without realizing that it is a yoga exercise. Often parents play with their children in this way. The base lies with its back on the floor and stretches its arms and legs in the air. The flyer then lies down with his belly on his upstretched feet (position them parallel to the hip bones), the hands of both hold each other, the flyer’s body is stretched and tense. You can now vary the pose by having the base move their arms back over their head or move them to the side, taking the flyer’s arms with them.

Front Bird

Front Bird Pose - Acro Yoga exercises improve balance and strength

A good amount of balance sense is again required in the “Bird” pose, which you can transition into when you are in the Front Plank. To do this, release your hands. First stretch them out to the side to maintain balance, after which you can slowly bring them toward your body as if you were flying.

Plank on Plank

Perform Plank on Plank for two and strengthen muscles

The base takes the classic High Plank position, the flyer also, but in the opposite direction and on the base – the feet are on the shoulders, the hands hold the ankles.

Thrones for Acro Yoga with partner

Thrones come in different variations, but the basic variation works like this: The base lies on its back, the flyer stands with its back towards the base’s legs at its ear level. Now the latter bends the legs, with the soles of the feet moving towards the flyer’s buttocks so that he can sit on them. The base then grasps the flyer’s ankles and, supporting and holding the flyer well at all times, raises the legs to a sitting position with the base’s legs extended.

Can Acro Yoga be done alone

Throne to strengthen balance for two people

Yep. This style of yoga is a discipline for which you will definitely need a partner. However, unless that partner also happens to be your life partner, with whom you conveniently live, you can still of course practice on your own between classes. Various balance and strength exercises as well as yoga asanas are ideally suited to prepare you for the next lesson.