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7-Minute Workout: Get your body in top shape with this quick at-home workout plan!

Every year in January, we resolve to finally eat healthier or exercise more. Has this ever happened to you? If you’re like most people, finding time to work out can sometimes be a real challenge. Whether it’s driving to the gym or just mustering up the motivation to work out for an hour, the majority of us find it hard to stick to a consistent and regular workout schedule! However, we’re finally putting an end to that and accepting no more excuses! Fast, effective and without any equipment – the 7-minute workout is perfect for those who don’t have much space or time, but still want to stay fit. Are you ready to break a sweat? Then read on and try the workout today!

What is the 7-minute workout?

Abdominal workout for home 7 minute workout beginners

Whether we want to get rid of winter flab or lose weight during menopause, exercise and movement are essential for weight loss. Even a short workout is better than purely nothing and can ensure that we get back into top shape. The 7-minute workout is a training plan that consists of a total of 11 exercises. All exercises are performed for 30 seconds and there is a 10 second break in between. The exercises target all major muscle groups and the 7-Minute Workout is suitable for beginners and advanced exercisers alike. Depending on your fitness level, you can increase the difficulty by using weights or doing several rounds in a row. The program was first published in 2013 in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Journal and is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to stay active despite a busy everyday life.

7-Minute Workout Training Plan

Now that we’ve explained what exactly the 7-Minute Workout is, it’s time to break a sweat. To avoid possible injuries, adjust the intensity and pace to your fitness levels, and if you’re new to the fitness world, it’s better to start slow.

Jump rope or jumping jack – 30 seconds.

Jumping jacks calorie burn 7 minute workout benefits

The jumping jack is a very underrated fitness exercise, but will get your heart rate up after a few seconds!

  • Stand tall and place your feet right next to each other, arms remain at your sides and palms facing forward.
  • Hop slightly and spread your legs wider than shoulder width, at the same time also lift and stretch your arms upward.
  • Quickly jump back to the starting position and repeat for 30 seconds.


Push ups variations 7 minute workout beginners

Next up is 30 seconds of push-ups. You can vary the position to make the exercise harder or easier. If you are just starting out, support yourself on your knees.

  • Start in the High Plank position and place your hands shoulder-width apart right next to your chest.
  • Tighten your abdominals, buttocks and back and slowly lower your body toward the floor in a controlled manner. Make sure the body forms a straight line as you do this.
  • Slowly push yourself back up.

Wall sitting Execution

wall sit exercise benefits 7 minute workout beginner

Wall sitting is one of the static exercises and is an excellent addition to the 7-minute workout. This will work the front leg muscles, leg biceps as well as the butt at the same time.

  • Lean back against the wall and turn your feet slightly outward.
  • Either cross your arms in front of your torso or let them hang to the side of your body.
  • Slide down the wall with your back straight until your lower and upper legs form a 90-degree angle.
  • Hold the position for 30 seconds.

Bicycle Crunch

7 minute abdominal workout Bicycle Crunches execution

The 7-minute workout also works the abdominals, and Bicycle Crunches target the obliques and straight abs.

  • Lie on the floor with legs slightly bent.
  • Position hands at the back of the head and bend elbows.
  • Lift head, arms and upper back slightly off the floor and then rotate head and shoulders to the right while simultaneously pulling left elbow and right knee so they touch at mid-body level.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

7-Minute Workout: Deep Squats

Squat variations for beginners deadlift exercises 7 minute workout

And what would the 7-Minute Workout be without squats? After all, squats in all possible variations are an absolute must for toned legs and a tight butt. So do deep squats for 30 seconds and try to squat down as much as possible.


Step ups exercise execution 7 minute workout abdominals

Step-ups, also still known as step-ups, are a super effective exercise for the leg and butt muscles. Depending on your fitness level, you can perform the exercises with your own weight or with dumbbells.

  • Stand upright in front of a bench or chair and place one leg on it while the other remains on the floor.
  • Slowly push yourself up with the leg that is on the bench and continue to bring the other leg up until you reach a 90-degree angle.
  • Slowly return to the starting position and switch legs.

Triceps dips with chair

triceps dips execution winter fat get rid of exercises home workout

A triceps workout is just as important for women as it is for men and will give you lean and defined arms.

  • Sit on the front edge of a sturdy chair and hold the front of the seat firmly with your hands.
  • Extend legs and push butt away from chair until knees are bent to 90-degrees.
  • Shift body weight evenly to legs and arms.
  • Bend the arms until they are at 90 degrees parallel to the floor and you are almost touching the floor with your butt.
  • Again, extend the arms almost completely while lifting the butt.

Walking lunges

Lunges variations beginners 7 minute workout workout plan

Lunges are a fantastic exercise to get your leg and butt muscles in shape and are an optimal addition to your 7-minute workout. Do a few walking lunges forward and then walk back or perform the classic lunge for 30 seconds.


Plank variations for beginners 7 minute workout exercises

You either love it, or you hate it – the Plank exercise. But no matter what you feel, there’s no denying that the Plank is one of the most effective full-body exercises. If the classic low plank is too easy for you, you can alternate between lifting your legs or tapping your shoulders with your hands.

Tuck Jumps Execution

tuck jumps execution 7 minute workout beginners

And now we’re really getting into the swing of things! If you’ve ever done Tuck Jumps, you know how challenging they are. The exercise is not easy, but it improves our balance, strengthens our legs and also burns a lot of calories.

  • Stand upright with your feet hip-width apart and push your hips back and down (similar to squats).
  • Raise arms and use collected bounce to push yourself off the ground and pull knees toward chest.
  • Straighten legs again and land softly with knees bent.

7-Minute Workout: Lateral Plank

lateral plank full body workout plan dead weight

And we finish the 7-Minute Workout with a lateral plank – on both sides! Again, you can try different variations depending on your fitness level to increase or decrease the difficulty level.