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5 minutes of exercise a day: This is how the new fitness trend from Japan “Zero Training” works!

Strength training, cardio, HITT, yoga, etc. – the choice of training types is now huge, and new fitness trends are popping up all the time. The thing they all have in common is that they promise us the same thing over and over again: to lose weight, strengthen muscles and burn fat in the shortest possible time. But especially in winter, when it’s already really dark outside at 4 pm, we prefer to stay on the couch after a long day at work instead of going to the gym. And with the holidays just around the corner, who has the time for sweaty and long workouts? But we don’t need to, because supposedly 5 minutes of exercise a day should be enough to get your body in shape. Yes, you read it right! Have you ever heard of zero training? If not, then you should definitely read on. What is this fitness trend from Japan all about and can you really lose weight with it? You will find the answers in our article!

Lose weight with 5 minutes of sport a day: What exactly is Zero Training?

5 minutes sport a day burn fat what is Zero Training

Sure, any type of workout can help us lose fat and build muscle. However, there are some movements and exercises that are much more effective than others. Whether you just don’t want to gain weight for Christmas or you resolved to be more active the next year, 5 minutes of exercise a day is guaranteed to be better than no exercise at all. The inventor of the training method is the Japanese woman and fitness trainer Tomomi Ishimura, who wrote the book “The Zero Training Method”. According to her, poor posture, which most of us tend to have, can cause the body to become flabbier over time.

5 minutes sport a day slimming how to burn fat fast

Unhealthy positions, such as standing a bit crooked or sitting hunched over, usually lead to severe back pain as well as metabolic and circulatory disorders. This, in turn, is said to promote fat accumulation and thus lead to weight gain. Now we have to disappoint you a little bit, because Zero Training is not about zero or no training. Rather, Zero Training revolves around getting the body back to zero with 5 minutes of exercise a day. To counteract the slackening of the body, Zero Training is based on gentle breathing, stretching and muscle exercises.

How Zero Training works

Strengthen muscles and burn fat faster with just 5 minutes of exercise a day – sounds too good to be true, right? As already mentioned, you don’t need much time for Zero Training and the training method is just perfect for all sports fans who want to do something good for their body. Moreover, you don’t need any special equipment – a yoga mat is actually all you need for Zero Training. The exercises are mostly performed lying down only and focus mainly on the back, neck, hips, shoulders and feet.

To get the most out of the workout, focus on proper stretching and breathing. However, there is no specific workout plan – on Tomomi Ishimura’s YouTube and Instagram channel, you can find numerous videos on how you could do 5 minutes of exercise a day to improve your body position. If you want to try Zero workout, watch the video above.

What does the Zero posture of the body look like?

stretching exercises for back pain Zero Training exercises 5 minutes sport a day

Zero Training is first and foremost about correcting poor posture and preventing back pain and metabolic problems with 5 minutes of exercise a day. A correct body position also helps us to perform various daily activities without any problems. “Zero posture” as used to refer to the correct body position we have when standing normally upright and hip-width apart.

  • Keep the neck vertical from the back of the head to the shoulders and make sure the shoulders are below the ears.
  • The arms are extended directly under the ears and the fingers point towards the thighs.
  • Also keep the back vertical from the back of the head to the back of the neck.

Can you lose weight with 5 minutes of exercise a day?

Back Pain Exercises Zero Training Benefits 5 minutes of sport from day

To stay fit and prevent severe back or neck pain, healthy posture is essential – we all know that. Without a doubt, Zero Training from Japan can help us strengthen muscles and improve our body position. And, of course, these are important benefits that can only be reaped. But can you lose weight with 5 minutes of exercise a day? Unfortunately, we doubt it.

Zero Training Japan exercises 5 minutes sport a day lose weight

A combination of exercise and a healthy diet is considered optimal for burning fat and losing weight successfully in the long run. Because no matter how hard and how often you exercise – if you mainly eat junk food, it simply won’t work with the dream body. Sufficient exercise is not wrong and Zero Training certainly does not hurt, but you will not really lose weight with it. However, you can easily use the training method as a supplement to your current training program or combine it with other types of training, such as HIIT or a quick home workout.