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Eyelid lift – what it brings, how much it costs

Especially in times of Corona, when we cover the mouth area with a mask, the eyes become a special focus. Drooping eyelids or bags under the eyes can give the impression of tiredness. A so-called eyelid lift (technical term: blepharoplasty) can be helpful – an intervention that not only has aesthetic benefits, but often also health benefits. Tikbow spoke with an expert about costs and risks.

Celebrities such as supermodel Claudia Schiffer or actress Jennifer Lawrence are the best proof that drooping eyelids can be extremely attractive. However, there are also people who, depending on how pronounced they are, suffer from them and automatically raise their forehead to get the overlapping skin out of their field of vision, a habit that can lead to problems with the musculoskeletal system in the long term. In these cases, an eyelid lift can provide relief. Tikbow spoke with Prof. Dr. Jörg Borges, a specialist in plastic surgery from Freiburg, Germany, üabout the eyelid lift procedure and its potential risks.

What are the benefits of an eyelid lift?

First of all, a distinction must be made between an upper eyelid lift and a lower eyelid lift, whereby upper eyelid lifts (for the treatment of drooping eyelids) are among the most frequent cosmetic operations performed by Prof. Borges. They are very uncomplicated and achieve an enormous effect. The good thing about it is that after an eyelid lift you don’t look much changed, just fresher. "The patients notice that you look at them", reports the surgeon. Their look is more open, clearer, but rarely their environment recognizes, which was actually made" Sometimes the physician accomplishes also an upper eyelid in combination with a lower eyelid lifting, then the procedure is "already clearly more complex, but still within fewer weeks after the OP forgotten".

Lower eyelid blepharoplasty is performed when patients suffer from extremely pronounced blepharoplasty. The lacrimal sac (saccus lacrimalis) is an important part of the eye, or more precisely of the lacrimal apparatus, located in the corner of the eye towards the side of the nose. Colloquially, we refer to a visible accumulation of fat under the eye, which acts like a swelling. A lower eyelid lift balances out the dispersed fat and thus also reduces dark shadows that can give a dull impression. In speaking with Tikbow, Prof. Borges explains the procedure for both types of eyelid lift.

How does an upper eyelid lift work?

The procedure, which takes about one hour, is performed on an outpatient basis, with the patient being put into a light sleep with a tablet and also receiving medical care. To remove the excess skin on the upper eyelid, Prof. Borges makes an incision in the crease of the eyelid, which he neatly sews up after the operation so that no visible scar remains. Important: Drooping eyelids are never symmetrical! The surgeon defines beforehand how much skin is to be removed from each eye.

After the procedure, the patient is theoretically fit for work again, except for perhaps minor bruises and transparent plasters that protect the suture, there should be nothing left to remind you of the upper eyelid lift. Üblicherweise take themselves most patients however some days freely, so the expert. During this time, however, they do not need to do anything to support the healing process, except to occasionally place cold packs on their eyes and to elevate their head somewhat at night (with a thicker pillow) so that the tissue fluid can drain off better. After six days, the surgical drapes are removed. Now the scar care can be started.

Risks of an upper eyelid lift

According to Prof. Borges, the possible risks of an upper eyelid lift are manageable, and infections or wound healing strokes are rare in the facial area, since the skin is well supplied with blood. Conscientious skin care also prevents the development of bruises. However, it is important to consult a competent, experienced surgeon. If too little or, in the worst case, too much skin is removed, the result is logically not satisfactory.

Costs of an upper eyelid lift

The cost of an upper eyelid lift, which is not usually covered by health insurance, varies greatly. According to the expert, they start at about 2000 euros, depending on the effort.

How does a lower eyelid lift work?

In the case of a lower eyelid lift, the fatty tissue, which is located in a kind of socket, must be redistributed in a sensible manner. Finally, due to a predisposition or age-related tissue weakness, there is too much in some places and too little in others. This can also be the reason for dark shadows under the eyes.

The aforementioned fatty tissue is opened, the fatty tissue is redistributed and the skin above it is tightened. The procedure is somewhat more complex than an upper eyelid lift, but is also performed on an outpatient basis. For aftercare, the patient should use eye drops and an ointment that promotes wound healing. Otherwise, as after an upper eyelid lift, the head should be elevated when sleeping and the eyes should be kept cool. In addition, however, things should be avoided that can lead to increased tension and friction on the conjunctiva, including watching television, looking at computer screens and even reading – activities that are taboo for at least a week, according to Prof. Borges. If this advice is not taken seriously, the healing process can be delayed.

Risks of a lower eyelid lift

Depending on the condition of the patient’s connective tissue, increased tear production can occur after the procedure, according to the expert. In addition, it can happen that the lower eyelid temporarily protrudes somewhat. In some cases, a follow-up treatment is then recommended. If a surgeon proceeds according to the conviction that “a lot helps a lot,” he may cut off too much, warns Prof. Borges. Then there is the risk of a permanently drooping lower eyelid and an obstruction of the eyelid closure. Here, too, the advice: Please be sure to consult an experienced expert who works with the necessary precision. Then the risk of complications is low.

Costs of a lower eyelid lift

The more elaborate procedure is accordingly somewhat more expensive, at Prof. Borges lower eyelid lifts start from about 2900 for both lower eyelids.