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Does the linea nigra on the baby bump disappear again?

Pregnancy brings many changes to the body. One of these is the dark stripe that extends along the length of the baby bump in many women, the so-called linea nigra. What causes this line, what promotes it and whether it goes away after pregnancy – Tikbow asked an expert.

Some women can clearly see the dark stripe on their baby bump, while others can see nothing at all. Linea nigra occurs in 15 to 20 percent of all pregnant women," explains Dr. Mandy Mangler, chief physician of the Berlin Auguste Viktoria Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics. "The darkly inked line extends from the belly button vertically down to the vulva. In some women, it also extends up to the breast."The linea nigra forms during the course of pregnancy, but sometimes it does not appear until the last trimester. "If it appears somewhat lighter, it is also called linea fusca", the physician explains.

The linea nigra is completely harmless.

But what exactly is behind linea nigra, what causes it? And why are only some women affected? Linea nigra is caused by hormonal pigment deposits. Some women are more susceptible to it than others," explains Mandy Mangler, MD. "In some, the line is only very faint and barely visible, while in women with darker skin and hair it is often more pronounced and more noticeable." But women need not worry at any time, the chief physician adds: "This line is completely harmless. They are pigment deposits in the skin. Many women also find it quite sexy, as it is an expression of their pregnancy."

Will the stripe disappear on its own?

Although linea nigra is completely harmless, some women still have to deal with it. The good news first: "The line usually fades after birth and often goes away by itself within a year", explains Mandy Mangler, MD. Nevertheless, in some women it remains slightly visible afterwards. Can the linea nigra be cosmetically treated and removed? The head physician of the Berlin Auguste Viktoria Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics expressly warns against using creams or lasers to combat the strip on the baby bump during pregnancy: "Any manipulation in the area can disrupt the pregnancy and potentially be dangerous for the baby. Those who are bothered by the linea nigra after birth can have it lasered away. However, this is not medically necessary;