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CBD oil for pain – an effective alternative?

Many people suffer from pain, but only temporarily. However, chronic pain is also widespread. A corresponding study from 2003 attempted to determine how many people in Europe suffer from permanent discomfort. In the Federal Republic of Germany alone, about 18%, or about 14 million people, are afflicted by chronic pain, and 650,000 to 850,000 of these people also have a pain syndrome that is difficult to treat.

CBD oil against migraine - chronic headaches

In this case, pain is no longer just a symptom, but a disease in its own right, the so-called “pain disease”. Chronic pain primarily manifests itself in the area of the back and head. Pain in the area of the nerves is also one of the most common types of pain. CBD oil is increasingly recommended as an adjunctive therapy, as it is said to inhibit the transmission of pain.

CBD oil against pain

CBD against chronic back pain

Cannabidiol is counted among the cannabinoids. Ingested, the substance has a positive effect on spasms in the human body, brings relaxation and inhibits existing inflammation. CBD is produced from female hemp.

CBD and CBD oil are freely available as dietary supplements and are praised by many users for their good effect on pain. Hemp drops for pain are recommended for the following conditions:

  • For migraines,
  • for headaches,
  • for pain in the back,
  • for arthritis ,
  • for muscular pains,
  • for menstrual pain.

Pain – how could CBD oil help?

CBD is produced from female hemp

So far it is not possible to completely explain the effects of CBD and CBD oil. There are theories that focus on the effects of CBD on pain. For one, it could be that CBD connects with the endocannabinoid system, stimulating CB2 receptors.

These receptors have an important role when it comes to the immune system. Inflammation and pain could be inhibited in this way by the influence of CBD and CBD oil. Another theory assumes that the production of the body’s own cannabinoids could be stimulated by ingestion. This helps to occupy the CB2 receptors and counteract the pain and inflammation.

Pain, CBD and Anandamide

old woman has no appetite

Pain can occur when the body does not have enough anandamide. This refers to endocannabinoid produced naturally in the body, which was discovered more than ten years ago.

It is believed that anandamide has an influence on the regulation of pain and appetite. By consuming CBD and CBD oil, it should be feasible to stop the breakdown of anandamide in the body. Cannabidiol could help fight pain in this way.

CBD oil against pain – experiences

Take CBD oil as drops against pain

Individuals with chronic conditions struggle with significant pain every day. Many rely on CBD oil to provide relief from the pain. In testimonials about CBD oil, consumers state that they have been able to lower or suspend medication for the pain.

Especially patients who have to take many different medications use CBD oil to supplement their conventional measures of therapy. For example, the high-quality CBD oils from Cannaby are recommended . At best, the naturally occurring extract can eliminate the need for medications and reduce potential side effects.

chronic neck pain symptoms