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CBD against stress: With nature against the widespread disease

Our everyday lives can be stressful. Whether in the office, at home with the children or at the supermarket checkout, it is always environmental stimuli that trigger physical or psychological stress reactions. In the process, our body produces stress hormones due to biochemical reactions. These put us in a state of alarm, which per se would not be problematic if we were to reduce the hormones again. But this is exactly where many people fail. They leave physical reactions as a result of stress untouched and get into a spiral that knows only one direction, downward. There are natural ways out of this misery.

What stressors lead to stress?

Stress decreases cognitive abilities and we don't know from nor a

Stressors are as changeable as our society. 100 years ago, cold, times of famine or injury led to physical and psychological stress. Today, psychosocial issues have the greatest impact on us. They make us irritable, hectic and nervous. These stress factors are typical of our times:

  • Pressure to perform
  • Deadline pressure
  • Multitasking
  • Conflicts with family, at work, school or university
  • Private and professional double burden
  • illness and death of relatives
  • constant accessibility
  • too high demands on oneself
  • unhealthy diet
  • too little exercise
  • few or no rest periods
  • general dissatisfaction
  • worries and fears

The hormone cocktail that is triggered in our body by stress must be reduced so that it does not harm us. To do this, there are various strategies that, when combined, have the best effect. Rest periods, healthy nutrition, exercise and self-care are the cornerstones of strong resilience . Resilience means “mental resilience. It can even be trained. It acts like a suit of armor for our soul against the worst shocks in life. But the process takes time. As long as resilience is not yet developed and we look for relief in acute stress situations, alternatives are needed.

CBD as a remedy against stress

CBD - strong against stress

With the help of cannabidiol (CBD), stress can be countered in a harmless way. The drug is a natural alternative and gives our stressed psyche more leeway and provides relaxation. We can free ourselves from the vice of feeling stressed and look at the situation more calmly.

How does cannabidiol work?

How does cannabidiol work

CBD is purely herbal. It acts on the body’s adrenaline, which is produced more under stress. A high adrenaline level is not bad in principle, but if it is permanently too high, it is detrimental to health. Cannabidiol has a regulating effect on the release of stress hormones. We feel some calming after taking it. The load limit in terms of stress is shifted up a little. Without the use of CBD, we would also succeed in calming down in many cases, but not as quickly. CBD causes this process to take place more quickly.

Important: CBD does not cause a state of intoxication. Instead, it is able to have a very gentle and regulating effect on our feelings of stress.

Tips for use: How to use CBD correctly

How to use CBD properly for stress

Before we get into the application tips, it should be clearly pointed out at this point that CBD is not a means of performance enhancement and should be used inflationary. It is not possible to use CBD to reduce stress to the point where you can work day and night. Those who handle themselves in such a careless way urgently need time off, because burnout could be imminent.

CBD is not a stress medication or a drug that eliminates stress. Those who reach for CBD should generally reflect on what causes the stress and also make sure to take appropriate additional measures.

Healthy behaviors strongly recommended

Stress relief includes exercise and distraction.

Regular rest, moderate exercise , a healthy diet and overall a healthy lifestyle without intoxicants such as alcohol or nicotine are important partners to cope with everyday stress. In combination with these measures, CBD is at its best and can noticeably alleviate stress-related symptoms.

CBD can be taken over a longer period of time without causing side effects. Especially in the case of chronic stress, CBD is very well suited as a supplement. For example, if there is a difficult professional situation with problems that cannot be eliminated or a loved one in the family has to endure a serious illness, this can develop into chronic stress that is enormously stressful. There are four main reasons that can lead to chronic stress:

  1. excessive demands at work or difficult professional conditions
  2. difficult family relationships or unhealthy partnerships
  3. serious health problems
  4. financial worries

Difficult family relationships or unhealthy partnerships reason for stress.

People who suffer from chronic stress have to live with the risk of a weakened immune system. Chronically stressed people are prone to illness, with flu-like infections being typical. In addition, there are metabolic problems, mood swings, poor concentration and much more. Chronically stressed persons are very quickly irritable and it can happen that they react above average aggressively in obviously harmless situations. Under stress, cognitive abilities do not function as well and we find it difficult to think logically and in a straightforward manner.

CBD is able to reduce the feeling of stress. But, of course, people have to identify the causes themselves and get rid of them if possible. CBD takes the edge off bad stress and those affected are put in a calmer frame of mind. In this state, it is easier to find a solution to the problem.

What science says: How CBD works

What science says - How CBD works for stress

There is a whole series of scientific studies on CBD. Two of them are to be picked out representatively.

A 2010 American study , conducted by scientists Matthew N. Hill, Ryan J. McLaughlin and Brenda Bingham, among others, concluded that endogenous cannabinoid signaling is essential for stress adaptation. The scientists found that CBD acts on receptors responsible for releasing specific stress hormones. If they are in the body for a long period of time, they damage cardiovascular, immune-reactive, neurobiological and metabolic functions in the body. CBD ensures that the stress reactions are reduced in terms of hormone release.

Another 2014 study from the U.S., conducted by scientists Laura Senst and Jaideep Bains, found that CBD can regulate stress responses in the body. The drug acts on the synapses that are responsible for the body’s stress response to environmental stressors.

Conclusion: CBD is noticeably and demonstrably helpful against stress.

Strengthen resilience and cope better with stressful periods

CBD has been shown to reduce physical stress responses. The drug can be taken orally and works best in combination with other stress-reducing measures such as healthy eating, exercise, and adequate breaks. It is not a miracle cure for stress, but it is an important tool for people who want to get out of a long-term stressful situation with patience and prudence. If they work on their resilience at the same time, they put on a sturdy armor against future stressful periods and are better able to cope with periods of stress.

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