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Acid-base balance in equilibrium: The best detox tips for “deacidification” of the body.

Gout, fatigue or heartburn – These are all diseases or symptoms that can be associated with a disturbed acid-base balance. In Germany, we eat a very acid-forming diet anyway, which can ultimately lead to hyperacidity of the body. Minerals that are base-forming, on the other hand, we consume less. What many people do not know: With such a “one-sided” diet, it can be useful to subject the body to certain detox measures every now and then and to “deacidify”. Although such deacidification measures are not confirmed by conventional medicine, they can still help you feel better overall.

Symptoms when acid-base balance is not right

acid-base balance - symptoms of imbalance

An imbalance in the acid-base balance and especially the overacidification of the body does not necessarily have to end directly in one of the diseases mentioned at the beginning. Often the signs can be detected earlier. It may first start with a bad and flabby basic mood, which is usually quickly visible to those affected.

The body feels tired and lacking in energy; headaches may follow and in some cases the hyperacidity may also affect the digestion. In addition, there are many other symptoms in which hyperacidity can manifest itself.

These are the foods to avoid

acid bases household - these foods you should avoid

To protect the body from over-acidification or to de-acidify it, you should avoid certain foods or at least eat less of them. Ideally, no more than 30 percent of daily foods should be acid-forming. 70 percent should have an alkalizing effect on the body. Animal foods in particular tend to be counterproductive. So make sure you eat less of them in your diet:

  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Dairy products
  • Soy
  • Legumes
  • Pasta
  • Refined sugar
  • Coffee
  • Black tea

Change of diet

acid bases household diet change

Basically, you should think about changing your diet to include more alkaline-forming foods. In order to actively “deacidify” the body first, a detox diet is recommended. Selected foods such as potatoes, leafy and root vegetables, fresh fruit with a high vitamin C content, still water and wild herbs such as nettle, peppermint, dandelion or rosemary are suitable for this.

If you have managed to successfully deacidify your body, it is important for you to keep the acid-base balance in equilibrium. You can achieve this if you only eat the above-mentioned acid-forming foods in moderation and also eat alkaline-forming vegetables such as cucumbers, broccoli or artichokes and natural oils.

Dietary supplements that help you maintain this balance can also be useful. Laetitia natural products, for example, combine cutting-edge science with modes of action from nature. With these, you can additionally actively support the “deacidification” of your body.

Relax and avoid stress

acid bases household - stress and hyperacidity are often related

Stress and hyperacidity are often related. For example, if your diet tends to be acidifying, this can result in an increase in the concentration of stress hormones in your blood. Conversely, the stress hormones promote hyperacidity. So it’s a bit of a vicious cycle that you can find yourself in. To break it, you should avoid stress and tension as much as possible and relax, for example with the help of meditation techniques or yoga .

Exercise endurance

acid bases household exercise lungs

A lack of exercise can also cause the body to become overly acidic. In addition to the yoga exercises already mentioned, endurance training can help to bring the acid-base balance back into balance. Various endurance sports can stimulate the metabolism, which in turn ensures the elimination of acid via the kidneys and lungs. Particularly suitable sports are jogging, walking, swimming or cycling. Ideal is 15 to 30 minutes of exercise per day.

Supply the body with plenty of fluids

acid alkaline balance drinking water

If your body is over-acidified, you should drink plenty of water to deacidify it. Make sure you drink still mineral water, and it should also contain as much hydrogen carbonate as possible, as this has an acid-neutralizing effect. Mineral water from limestone regions is particularly suitable for this purpose. Carbonic acid in water is, as the name suggests, rather counterproductive. Still water without carbonic acid can help you, however. With it you rinse your body through and discharge the acid more easily. At least two to three liters of water are recommended per day for adults. However, you can also reach for unsweetened herbal teas or highly diluted fruit spritzers.

Take care of your liver

acid-base balance - detoxifying the liver with bitter substances such as radicchio

Try to take care of your liver. It is the detoxification organ of your body and should be well taken care of. To do this, eat mainly foods rich in bitter substances, such as radicchio or chicory.

Less stimulants

alcohol and acid bases household

The liver can suffer from excessive consumption of alcohol. In principle, you should avoid such stimulants to a large extent, as they can contribute significantly to the hyperacidity of your body. However, you should not only avoid alcohol, but also cigarettes and coffee.

Sauna sessions can also have a detoxifying effect

Sauna sessions can also have a detoxifying effect

A visit to the sauna can also have a very detoxifying effect. Pollutants are simply sweated out of the skin because of the high temperatures. This also applies to the excess acid in your body. Once or twice a week, a relaxing sauna session is recommended.

However, you should be careful. Not every person is suitable for the sauna . For example, if you have kidney disease or suffer from frequent heart flutter, the sauna is rather less suitable for the “deacidification” of your body.

Simply a healthy lifestyle

acid bases household restore through a healthy lifestyle

If you basically lead a healthy lifestyle and take in only a few unhealthy substances, you are already well on your way to not suffering from hyperacidity. Refrain from excess, exercise enough, watch your diet and drink enough. This is the key to prevent and at the same time to detoxify the body.