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8 self-care and beauty tips during the period

As if periods weren’t annoying enough, for many women they also make themselves visibly noticeable and have a negative impact on their mood. Tikbow asked experts what helps against monthly skin blemishes, general malaise and bad hair days.

Pimples, greasy patches, an unpleasant bloated belly, and because everything is annoying just before and during the period, many women feel somehow unattractive during this time. There is a term for this phenomenon: the prämenstrual syndrome, better known as PMS. Under it the typical complaints are summarized, which build up with the hormonal changes in the second cycle half. Tikbow has 8 beauty tips to make periods a little easier for women.

Changing your beauty routine during your period

The fact that women usually have to deal with skin blemishes shortly before or during their period is due to the increased activity of sebaceous glands during this phase of the cycle. The result: pimples. The Munich dermatologist Dr. Timm Golüke therefore advises affected patients to use antibacterial creams especially in the acute phase. They take the inflammation out of the pustules, and it is best to ask at the pharmacy about lotions containing salicylic acid, which are available over the counter, or suitable alternatives. Drying preparations such as so-called AHA creams with fruit acids ensure that the areas where pimples sprout quickly look flawless again. The expert recommends the active ingredient benzoyl peroxide, which also has an antiseptic effect.

Concealer instead of foundation

Women whose skin texture is basically good, but who are annoyed by individual blemishes on their face shortly before or during menstruation, should rather invest in a good concealer that is applied specifically to individual areas instead of covering the entire face with heavy foundation. The advantage: the concealer has a highly concentrated effect on the affected area without drying out the entire skin.

Avoid cow’s milk

"Kuhmilch soll den Ausbruch von Pickeln nachweislich begünstigen", so Dr. Golüke. Das liege aber nicht an ihrem Laktose-Gehalt, sondern an der Aufzucht der Tiere, bei der bestimmte Hormone zum Einsatz kommen. Golüke rät betroffenen Frauen daher, insbesondere in den zwei Wochen vor der Periode ihren Kuhmilchkonsum stark einzuschränken.Avoid stress

Avoid stress

The frustration über menstrual cramps and general stress can additionally worsen the condition of the skin, confirms Golüke. During the period, stress factors should be avoided as much as possible, cigarettes and alcohol should be avoided altogether, and occasional small breaks should be taken.

Focus on zinc during the period

Period Beauty Tip 5: Some doctors recommend zinc-containing food supplements during the period. The trace element not only supports the immune system, but is also said to promote the healing of acne. Zinc is available in tablet form from pharmacies and health food stores.

Change the hair care routine

During the menstrual cycle, there are changes in metabolism – some women tend to sweat more, and in some cases the scalp produces more sebum. The result: the hair lies flat and becomes greasy more quickly. Our period beauty tip: avoid care products that contain silicones, because they weigh the hair down even more and make it look even flatter. The same applies to hair treatments or intensive conditioners. Natural home remedies are better suited for hair care. Chamomile is known to have a soothing effect. Use chamomile tea as a hair conditioner to restore the natural balance of the scalp, so the production of sebaceous glands is regulated to a healthy level.

Eat less meat

Protein-rich meals in particular bind a lot of water. The reason: meat, sausage and cheese products are already provided with large amounts of salt during production. In the second half of the cycle, it is therefore advisable to cut back on animal products and resort to vegetarian alternatives. Foods containing potassium are especially recommended. Our tip: Quinoa contains a lot of potassium and tastes good with fresh fruit or salad.

Rely on natural waste products

In the case of constipation, various foods have a natural draining effect without interfering too much with the digestive system like medications. Sauerkraut or sauerkraut juice, psyllium seeds, dried fruit, but also foods with raw onions get the leaky gut to work. Especially important for constipation: drink plenty of fluids!