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5 methods that can shorten the period

For many women, their period is not one of the most pleasant days of the month, and it often comes at the worst possible time – an important appointment, a date, a planned visit to the sauna or swimming pool. Can the duration of bleeding be influenced in a gentle way, and if so, which methods are suitable for this? Tikbow asked an expert for advice.

On average, your period lasts three to five days. If you bleed longer (or shorter), this is no cause for alarm. But sometimes it’s just annoying because the pain and discomfort interfere with your plans. So are there ways to influence the duration of your period?

5 ways to influence the duration of your period

Hormone intake

The most effective way to shorten the duration of the period is definitely hormonal. Those who have experience with the contraceptive pill know that in the course of the seventh "pill break" the bleeding starts. By taking the pill again (prematurely), bleeding stops.

It would make more sense to bring forward or postpone the pill break so that the period starts at a more favorable time. This is possible in the context of a long cycle, as recommended for women with a tendency to menstrual cramps or migraines. A long cycle is a common measure that can be taken, for example, during a long summer vacation. After one blister, which usually contains 21 pills, the next blister is taken seamlessly. In this way, bleeding can be delayed for months.

Exercise can influence the duration of the period

Sport and exercise boost the metabolism, which can be noticeable in increased bleeding. And the faster the mucous membrane of the uterus is shed, the shorter the period. So if you feel like it, do some exercise. Likewise, sex (more precisely, an orgasm), whether alone or with a partner, can help relieve tension. It also relieves menstrual pain.

Wärm bottle

Women who are familiar with the pain of menstruation know: Heat helps to relieve cramps and can thus reduce the discomfort somewhat. At the same time, it can stimulate bleeding and, in the best case, shorten the period.

Herbal remedies

Mönch pepper or Agnus castus, colloquially known as "chaste tree", is known to reduce libido. Women doctors know that the remedy can stabilize the corpus luteum. The corpus luteum is what develops in the ovary after ovulation from the ruptured follicle. In it, the so-called yellow body hormones are formed, which regulate the menstrual cycle.
The idea is that by stabilizing the corpus luteum, bleeding should become shorter and heavier. Pepper is available as tablets or drops.

Control the duration of your period through healthy weight management

In women who are overweight, the period lasts longer. The reason for this is that more estrogens are produced in the fatty tissue, which causes the mucous membrane to swell more during the monthly cycle. As a result, bleeding also becomes heavier and can last longer. A healthy body weight is usually accompanied by a shorter period and is known to bring other benefits.

Professional advice from Prof. Dr. Friedrich Wolff, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics from Holweide.